Humble Bundle Question

Since we are all HUGE fans of Humble Bundle (Don’t lie you are so sit down) has anyone purchased this new bundle yet?

I want to get it but is it purely the audio or does it also come with the graphic novel?
It would be a shame if I couldn’t actually see what is happening.


Yeah, from the looks of it it’s Audio only.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Audio Dramas, so I’ll keep my eye on this one lol.


I might throw a dollar at it and see if I like it.


I am like you, I’m also a huge fan of Humble Bundle. I love Humble Bundle. Purchased quite numberous audiobooks @ Audible.

I did purchased tier 1 of Humble Audiobook Bundle: Worlds of Doctor Who, It has 4 audio books from “Big Finish”. Those were in high qualities production. And in that bundle it includes 1 Android Doctor Who game in-game premium content code. (I have never tried the game nor used that code yet)

As I am not a DC Comcis fan. I am not as interested in this. I’ve searched on YouTube a little, Green Lantern: Hero’s Quest and Green Lantern: Sleepers (Book One) are both can be listened on there, you can give them a listen and decide if you would like the rest of audiobooks from GraphicAudio. I assume these only come with MP3 format or at best with FLAC (higher quality than MP3).

Thanks to you I’ve found at least 1 playlist of DC & Marvel Audiobooks audiobooks at Youtube… There are around 12 audiobooks inside.


Remember these are Graphic Audio rather than standard audiobooks. That means they’re almost like the audio from a stage play or TV show - full voice cast and sound effects rather than narrated/read. In my experience they’re make or break on your own mental fit of voice to character (and why I’ve avoided some Graphic Audio versions in the past).


BigDream I try not to find content on Google or Youtube for free because most of that is against the creator’s wishes. The content on google usually lead to sketchy websites at best where individuals are (for the most part) illegally sharing content in an attempt to have others not buy it since they can easily score it for free. While Youtube that’s just a hot mess because if its not put up by the creator then it honestly shouldn’t be there.

TLDR: I’d rather support the creators/charity than fish around the internet for free versions.


Yeah, those are definitely straight-up audio-only. I’m also pretty sure that some of them don’t have graphic novels to go with them - Wayne of Gotham is a novel and was never produced in comic book format, and I’m fairly certain that Green Lantern: Sleepers and JLA: Exterminators are also novel-only books. That being said, they’re basically an audio-drama, like an old school radio play or episode of a serial production, so if you do have a copy of the book you could follow along with it and effectively have it read to you, with sound F/X included.


Thanks Twistedgerm, I mostly agree with you on the illegally uploaded to Youtube/Google are against the original copyright owners’ wishes / benefits. The Green Lantern’s audio’s channel is called Green Lantern’s Comics which I thought it was official since it has all the comics as well as audio of Green Lantern’s DC comics. Sorry I did not realised it was not official.

Having said that, I cannot count how many items / music / games / movies / books / kindle books / magazines / audiobooks I have ended up buying and supported the creators because I played / watched / listened / read / used it before I decided to pay for them. From The Sims 1, Morrowind Elder Scroll, Spore, Kylie Minogue’s music, Doctor Who & Adventure Time’s franchises, The free month trials from Netflix, Amazon prime, Audible, all those pdf books uploaded to google by someone I chose to download and read, usually I have purchased them again as Kindle books legally from Amazon OR get them as physical books, the list goes on and on. At one point I couldn’t afford or decided so in my way of saying thank you to universe, I promise to buy them once I able to do so.

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