Humble Bundle has a Nintendo Switch Category


I got an email about the sales and they showed Luigi’s Mansion…

Nothing in the category yet but I’m pretty excited :grin:

I guess you could say they’re switching it up :smirk:


Now all i need is …well nintendo switch :smiley:


I think nintendo changed it so stores cant sell first party nintendo titles in europe or something I can’t remember.

Effective July 1st 2020, Nintendo has changed its policy for the sale of game codes in EMEA territories (Europe, Middle East, and Asia). Third party retailers will no longer be able to sell game codes for any Nintendo published title.
This I think lol

So yeah North America is fine


And Africa :smile:


They’ve had that section for quite some time, but I can’t recall since when exactly. (It’s probably been a bit over a year at least.) What I do remember is that it was originally restricted/region locked to continental US.
You couldn’t see/buy anything from that section in Puerto Rico when it first came out because of that.


Honestly, that’s a douche canoe move by Nintendo. Which seems par for the course unfortunately. I know I prefer to buy stuff in a retail store even those little code cards, which would seem to be affected by this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon got affected by it as well.

That being said, I live in NA, so I escape this decision.


They’ve had it for a while, haven’t they? I was gonna buy Smash Bros there before I decided physical.