[Humble Bundle] Devolver Build Your Own Bundle

Prices with 90% discount (≥5 in cart) and Choice.

Games in the bundle:


Thanks @NICK9X9. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: I have this in my “must look at it more closely” pile…LOL


You’re welcome. I went with 5 Serious Sam games that i didn’t own. For 5.89€ i guess it was worth it. :slight_smile:


Personally I’d strongly recommend Shadow Warrior (2013) not it’s sequel. Brilliant over the top FPS action and one of the most enjoyable first person melee games I’ve played.

While I would recommend Talos principle as well it did fall victim to the overhype machine fueled by people not wanting to admit they didn’t like it because they’d be accused of not being clever enough for it. It’s good, but it isn’t as ground breakingly amazing as it’s contemporary reviews makes it out to be.

Almost every game here is pretty good, but weird and many are only really interesting for a short stint as experimental game experiences or amusing twists that don’t matter that much if you’re already aware of them.


I recommend Shadow Warrior 2013 and The Talos Principle as well. I also enjoyed Dropsy, a fun, colorful point-and-click where everyone talks in pictures instead of words.


There are some really good games on this bundle. I’ve played a few:

  • Shadow Warrior - Shooter mayhem. A mix of shooting, melee and magical attacks. It’s very violent but also has humour.

  • Shadow Warrior 2 - Like the first one, but with loot elements. Also, while the first one is linear, this one lets you choose which missions you want to tackle first.

  • Foul Play - Good beat’ em up where everything is a theater act. Like in any theater, people are watching and they cheer you up or boo you based on your skills beating up the bad guys.

  • Mother Russia Bleeds - Another beat’ em up but this one more serious. Fans of old games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight are going to like this game.

  • Hotline Miami - So addicting. Great story, great music, great gameplay. Play it people!!

  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - What I wrote for the first one.

  • Not a Hero - It’s a fun game with a peculiar humour, can be frustrating at times, but also addicting.