Humble Bundle 10 Giveaway (Closed)

The winners have been drawn!!! To claim your keys, please dm me.

Bard’s Tale

Epistory: Typing Chronicals

Grey Goo Definitive Edition

How to Survive 2

Kingdom: New Lands

Tormentor X Punisher

Wasteland 2

Congrats to all the winners!! I will redraw if any discrepancies arise or if the winners do not claim their prises within an appropriate amount of time.

P.S. Apologies for the long wait, had a busy few days and finally able to find time for this. A lot of, likely unnecessary, work went into these drawings so thanks for your patience.

P.P.S. Found out it was wasteland 2 not the first. Retrobunny still won but if they dont want it I can redraw.


Prototype 2…oh, wait one second… facepalm.jpg

Just kidding! :grin:

Awesome generosity there though…some great games on offer.

Ye. Was going to use them but realized I would never use them. Prototype 2 is mine though. It’s so fun to play.

I would take kingdom but I think I have enough games to catch up on. Nice of you to do a giveaway through.

I’d like to enter for Wasteland please. Thanks

Hi, I’d like to enter for Kingdom: New Lands.
had my eye on that game for a long while :slight_smile:

I’m going in for either of

Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Kingdom: New Lands

Thanks and good luck everyone!

I would like to win either kingdom or how to survive 2

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Put me down for Kingdom!

I didn’t enter the last time it was being given away here and have been living with deep regret ever since.

Thanks for the giveaway @AgentCodename!

I’d like to enter for Kingdom: New Lands! Thanks :smiley:

Tormentor x punisher will be safe in my hands! the achievements look so awesome :smile:

It would be neat getting Epistory or kingdom or wasteland
love ya!

I’d like to enter the Tormentor❌Punisher

I’d like to enter for grey goo, thx mate.

I would like to enter for Kingdom
Thanks for doing a giveaway!

I would like my wishlisted game Kingdom: New Lands
Thanks for the chance

Hi, I’d like to enter for Kingdom: New Lands. Thanks for the giveaway.

I already got this bundle so I won’t be entering :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone else notice there hasn’t been a game bundle in a while :open_mouth: I think they’re plotting something big >.>

anyhoo just wanted to say thank you for giving away, it helps bring people together and can bring up some new topics of discussion, or new ideas for game nights :open_mouth:

good luck to everybody entering!

Thanks for the giveaway dude, I’ll enter for Kingdom New Lands and Epistory.

I would like either Kingdom New Lands or TormentorxPunisher. Also, thank you for doing the giveaway.