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Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle


Just a single $25 tier, but the games within are very much of great value for the bundle.

At least think of the animals…


Yup, some good games in there like Armello and Machinarium, not to mention Hollow knight. Too steep for my blood, with backlog and new compy to sort out still.


Good games many which i want but expens lol and same here too much backlog
I remember some of these from previous bundles


Pretty good stuff, would definitely support if I could.


I understand that the price is a bit steep for some people, I do want to point out to those who are really into DRM-Free titles, this is what you get along with your Steam keys:

Save the animals!


If Humble Bundle accepts Visa gift cards, I might honestly go with this bundle or the Sweet Farm bundle (I’ve been wanting Stardew Valley on PC for a while!)


I wasn’t expecting such a high-quality selection of games after seeing their $30 Jingle Jam bundle every year, but this is pretty good.

I’m not interested enough in what I don’t have here to buy it, but I can recommend Hollow Knight, Paradigm and Duck Game.


would anyone who bought the thing be interested in trading me void bastards?


Not a lot of familiar faces here aside from Hollow Knight, but it’s still awesome that they are able to convince a bunch of developers and publishers for this cause.
I hear these games are good, though, and they are DRM free (phew!) so it’s a win win. The charity gets the funding necessary to help while giving gamers quality indie games. I always liked that about Humble Bundle, even if I will only go there for the free game they will distribute due to money + games backlog, like what a few has already said.


Been a long-time wishlist game for me, so sorry about that.


Is it a sloth , is it a wookie? Me likes anyway!


It is indeed a sloth. The bad guy iirc.:ok_hand:t3:


It’s a really cool bundle but I already own all the games in it that I would be interested in except for Hand of Fate 2 and Eurotruck Sim 2 so it’s not really worth the price for me. Looks like an awesome deal for people that don’t own the majority of the games though!


Agree! $50 + Tax in my currency though, and I got stuff like Yakuza 0 and Aragami on sale here on Chrono last year. The backlog struggle is real.


I went ahead and put bought the bundle.

I’m going to have a quite a few that I won’t activate, but I need to figure out which ones I truly want to keep or not.

Might look for trades and/or run a giveaway sometime soon.


dibs on void bastards :stuck_out_tongue:


I just finished playing The Gardens Between (part of this bundle, but I bought it on Steam prior). It wasn’t particularly challenging or long, but I did find it delightful in mechanics and ambiance, for anyone considering.