Humble Asmodee board games bundle

Once again we have a board games bundle happening and it’s a little switched up from what’s been done before. Although many titles are repeats.

Tier 1 is going to be a pretty good pick up for anyone who wants to get into playing some board games. My personal recommendations out of it are
Love letter - Very fun deductive card game where you have to figure out what cards the other players have and try to take each other out of the game without also tipping everyone else off what you’re holding. The rounds are pretty quick so even if you’re knocked out early you’re not left sitting around for long. I want to play it with more people!
Carcassonne - Tile and worker placement game that has long been among the top of highly regarded board games. I unfortunately have not yet to be able to play it myself so I hope a lot of people pick it up at this time.
Small World 2 - Tactical worker placement game where you wage a constant 2 front war against the other players for territory. It’s pretty well regarded, though not my favourite.
Patchwork and Potion Explotion - These are entirely new features that I’ve never heard about before. But they’re both based on well regarded physical games and seem to be primarily of the puzzle genre where you compete against other players by placing tiles or resources into a shared game space to score points.

Not too much to say about this tier as it’s mostly DLC expansions.
Mysterium - Is a very interesting conceptual cooperative game where a “ghost” player tries to give the others clues about how they died by showing them cards from a restricted selection. The cards are full of iconic minutia and themes and makes the whole thing about trying to figure out how the other player’s minds work.

11€ for this many games is pretty insane value if you don’t already have 90% of it like I do.
Scythe - I have heard good things about. It’s a fairly complex world war sort of game somewhat similar to Risk, but with a lot more 4x like features.
LOTRO Card game - No idea bout this one. Used to play an old LOTRO card game back in the ealry 90s but I don’t think this is it. I’m not sure I would call this a board game and steam says “deckbuilding” so I’m a bit tempted to check it out.

I could strongly recommend picking up tier 1 here if you think you’d ever want to sit down and just play some chill boardgames with someone at some point. $1 for what’s on offer there is very attractive in my opinion. If you already know you have people to play with I think going for tier 3 is a very good idea.


I’ll probably buy tier one for love letters alone. My wife and I own the physical version that I got new at a consignment sale for 2 bucks, and it’s one of our favorite “quick games” to play with a couple friends when they come over.

Splendor is also one of my favorite board games in general. I own the base and expansions (base only online) and I’d say it’s worth playing just the base game endlessly.


We’ve play Love Letter as a group here before - very simple to learn and quite fun. ^^

Splendor, my bunny and I have a physical copy - it’s okay with 2 people but not as fast to finish a round or as intense, I’m guessing.

I’d love Scythe too and now I’m curious about the Lotro game. There are a few titles in there unknown to me though.


Thinking about tier 1 not sure yet
I don’t usually play board games at all especially digital ones cos i find them annoying. On the other hand if it’s card games sometimes im interested as long as it isn’t like those trading card type ones lol


They’re not CCGs (collectable card games) for the most part, a bit unsure about the LOTRO one. Most card games as a subgroup of boardgames just means cards are the means through which you play and the deck is the game itself.
Love letters is simply a deck of special cards, each player draws 2 and each card has certain interactions with other cards, each turn you use one card and draw one new one. The game itself is to try to figure out what cards your opponents are holding.