How/when did I miss a day? So upset!

I’m so upset. I have been coming to every day since they introduced coins and clicking that button EVERYDAY without fail for the better part of a year. I have 2 alarms on my phone. 1 for noon and 1 for 10pm just to be safe. I wanted to see that number hit 365. I’ve actually been obsessive with this. I signed on today and MY STREAK WAS BROKEN! It now says that my streak is only 2 days but yesterday I did it on my phone so I didn’t notice sooner. I am just so sure that I didn’t miss a day. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m so upset :frowning:


couple of posts for you to possibly read through, also suggest reading down to where the coin log examples are shown from Chrono, which highlights the “timing” issue you can encounter

99.9% of the time it seems to be human error, as with most things in life :wink:

you can ask Chrono if it’s a possibility for you to get your logs so you can see exactly when/where you missed your check in 2+days ago
probably easy to miss click on mobile if not doing the whole wait and see/confirm click wallet after

I am on the page at 11:58am every morning and wait for the time to hit noon, refresh and click. I’d bet it had something to do with clicking the button within seconds of noon.

clicking “withing seconds” certainly gives air to the possibility of clicking too early,
also the whole “pushed coin day” possibility, which then means not just was early but very very late, and by clicking “right” this time, it then reset to normal, but ofc with the consequence of actually breaking your streak because the day finally got pushed past the final point/second