How to embed a Steam store page in a post?

I’m new to this forum and i can’t figure out how to embed a Steam store page in a post.

So i go to the game page, click on “embed” and get a code like this:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="646" height="190"></iframe>

If i copypaste it as is in the post, it won’t appear. Could anyone help me out? Thanks :slight_smile:


are you talking about a scrollable whole page as part of your post?
is that possible?
i figured you wanted more than the black boxes that people normally use which appears just by pasting the page url


Don’t use the embed function. Just post the url to the Steam store page directly into your post without the name of the game and final backslash (so finish the url after the number identifier)


No, sorry if i haven’t been clear. I meant sharing a game’s store page like on this post:


you can get those by using the links and then some magic happens and they come out that way when you post them



Oooh thanks that’s it! I wouldn’t have guessed that it was that simple :smiley:


well my reply was not a success this time
at first i wanted to say something similar to what Xist said but then i thought that it was a simple thing you cant possibly be asking for that and embedding seemed like an advanced thing and i did not want to just assume you cannot do this simple one and post a guide on this one and seem like i assume you cant do it and then you might say no you were looking for a real embedding feature and possibly you could have got a bit annoyed or angry at me for thinking so little of you but it turned out my overthinking did not help out much


@anyamtikja No worries, i still appreciate that you tried to help me. I thought that i had to use an html code to embed it as i’m not used to this forum yet.


Just to complement on what they said, you may have already figure it out, but this works for a lot of places, not just steam, some links will end up different, this for example, is just your regular YouTube link, no html code to deal with.

But most links will get a nice box like reddit

And you will always get a preview on how it will look like on one side :slightly_smiling_face:


why exactly was this post flagged?

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3 gibberish posts in a row.

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hm, k, weird, i could only see one and it seemed appropriate and on-point to me