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How many coins do you guys have? :D


I’m at 11.487K now, so I should be good when the new games pop up :+1:t2: here’s hoping they’re good.


20,861 now and still waiting for something good


I’m sitting at 9788 and i’m waiting for a cool game :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, tomorrow we should havea couple of new ones! :grin:


damn, how could you collect so many coins? long time user i guess?


Every day, you get 20 or more, on 3, 7, 14, and 30 days, you get bonus coins.

Day 3 is 100 coins plus RNG bonus.
Day 7 is 200 coins plus RNG bonus.
Day 14 is 800 coins plus RNG bonus.
Day 30 is 2000 coins plus RNG bonus.

So in any given 30 spin-period, you get a total of 3700 minimum.

I have gotten some 20 coin days and I have gotten the special chests to have close to the base minimum, but at the current price of coinshop games, if you wait a couple of months, you will definitely have enough for a decent game.

If you buy from the daily deal, you also get a few extra bonus coins ($1 = 10 coins), though this is fairly minimal, the bulk of the coinage comes from the bonus chests at 14 and 30 days of coin spins.

I sat on my coins for about 4 months before I bought my first game from the coin shop. Now it seems that I spend it as soon as I have enough for something that looks good…


+10k will be enough for the new games. I just hope they are good ones @YQMaoski


The question marks are in the shop :scream:
Everybody grab onto your coins it’s every man to themselves


You can see the ones from today to be revealed in a little while are not so expensive:



11265 coins currently

so far there hasnt been anything good to spend it on sadly


crossing fingers for something better than previous 2 unlocks


A small script dings and opens the page so I remember to check out the bonus. Back in the streak days it really helped. I have 34K and have already bought a few games and gifted them all.

Easy come, easy go. Some were dupes.

Also, 2000 + RNG as posted, is sometimes 2500. I have had Day 7 with 300.

Also, it matters if you are the “omg it’s freee” type or the “nono, I KNOW something really good is just around the corner”


11,737 currently, on top of spending 21,500 on games in the shop!


dang Chrono, you low-balling me lately :thinking:, “why you gotta give a gnome minimal coins like dat?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i have 5,989


Oh yeah…?


:blush: :joy:


Easy come; easy go. Have gotten 20 games for free.


Lowest 2040, highest 2487.


I have 47k about right now, if i didn’t spend any I’d have around 68k