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how long does it take to beat?



I was trying to look up how long it took to beat a game and came across this site that lists games and how long they take to beat

I noticed shows the length of the base game for the daily deals and thought that this was a cool way to know about games you already own


I went to the link and checked a game I have A Story about my uncle and they said it takes 3 hours to beat. But I beat it in 2 hours, I feel proud.:hugs:


We use use howlongtobeat whenever possible, unfortunately most smaller games don’t have data. I’d also recommend, it combines a lot of data onto the normal Steam game page.


I second lonin’s recommendation as someone who basically only plays indie games. :butterfly:


I third it…It’s the best…


4.5 hours and just the first achievement (I think It’s a story achievement)
I gaze at everything + I’m bad :joy::joy:

I played a while back but I remember that our uncle had a post-It with a Beyond Good and Evil code on a post It ^^


Don’t worry…I stopped looking at How Long to Beat when I found most of my times were hugely over their estimations…I think it’s because I’m a bit of a perfectionist…


I’ll take It with a grain of salt a.k.a. I’ll add a couple of hours ^^
We just take longer my man, everybody enjoys gaming in a different way :sparkling_heart:


You guys blew my mind with this link, I’ve been using steam erroneously for six years. I’m baffled.


Matched 1370 of your 1664 games.
Time to Beat 819 Days 10 Hours… Greaat lol

But how do they determine it… is it the average of the submitted records or just assumption…?


Should be the average. I hope most ppl that submit their records aren’t exaggerating though :stuck_out_tongue:


lol some are over 500~1200 hours but they are MMORPG so I can see where are they standing… MMORPGs takes endless hours grinding and leveling not counting the insane amount of quests to finish… So I can believe their numbers…

It says that AION takes around 500h to finish and I played for around 350h and yea it would take around that time to reach the maximum level but not 100% game completion tho…

They also have some games that takes 1~10 mins to finish lol… Feels scammed by devs if that’s true tho…


I use it to log what I complete because I like it more than Steam registered hours and it helps to have more data on HLTB.


Not anymore. Level 1-80 is like 8 hours of play. Getting end game gear? probably on the order of months (real time).


HLTB is great. I use it all the time. When I start a new game I check the time to see if I want to commit how many hours it takes to beat.


It’s ALWAYS wrong for me…because of the way I play it ends up being around 25 hours out most of the time!


I stop playing it for a while and they make it easier lol… Feels betrayed


To level. The grind is in the gear now.