How is the website progressing?

Hi There,

I am just a bit interested in the business side of running a website like this. You have been up for a little over a month now, how do you feel things are going? Is the viewer base growing? Do you feel you are where you think you would be at this time in the life of the website? And where do you go from here?

I believe and I think you started off right with getting influencers to do partner with your website (and not the crappy type of partnership where they have to shill stuff they don’t want to or know nothing about), but has the initial influx of people from this died off from this? and are there other ways that you are bringing people in to the website?

I am not asking for any specific details, but I think it is doing a ‘deal a day’ website for video games is interesting, and I hope it is doing well for everyone involved, but I just wondered if there are difficulties in starting a website like this and keeping it going and getting developers involved so you can keep giving your community great games at excellent prices prices.

Sorry if this is a little rambly.


Hey Pete! Thanks a ton for the interest : ). Glad you’re enjoying the service.

How do I feel things are going? Honestly, the past month has been absolutely ridiculously wonderfully insane. There has been huge highs and some stressful lows, we’ve accomplished more than I could have expected in a shorter amount of time, and we’ve overcome some frankly ridiculous challenges. The audience is growing, but not a huge exponential amount every day or anything. We’re actually right around where I thought we might be at this point in terms of audience and attention, though it has come in ways I hadn’t fully expected.

Where do we go from here? In the short-to-medium term we continue to get amazing games and great deals, and work with wonderful influencers who are aligned with the games they and their audience love. Additionally, we’ll continue to listen to you folks in the community about what features, games, and anything else you’d like to see.

The great part of working with the influencers in this model is exactly what you mentioned, they only promote the games they truly enjoy. What that means in practical terms is they’re not going to promote a game every day, or even one every month, but only when its truly aligned with what they like and the content they create. We never require any of our partners to promote anything (or have any part in how they promote), and want it to stay that way as long as we can. The initial influx from individual partners’ announcements has gone down a bit, but it’s awesome to see people coming back many weeks after those announcements still supporting their favorite creator.

There are definitely other ways to bring folks to the site, a lot of this is done through social platforms and places where people share sites like ours (reddit has been wonderful, in particularly /r/gamedeals).

As to difficulties, there certainly are many of those. Luckily I have the smartest and most talented folks I’ve ever met on the team helping to build and grow the website. They’ve come together to make, in my opinion, one of if not the best experience on the web for discovering and purchasing games - and we’re just getting started.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to see so many people in the community comment on how they enjoy using the service, even if that means just reading the game descriptions from time to time (though of course we’re super happy when people love the game and make the purchase :slight_smile:).

Honestly, thank you so much for caring enough about our little website to see how we’re doing - we all appreciate it!



Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate you spending the time to reply. I am glad that its going well. Keep up the good work and I hope it continues to be successful for everyone involved.


Glad to hear that everything is going well. I love what you guys are doing, very unique and consumer friendly.