How does work?

So, I heard about from TotalBiscuit and I’ve been using it for over a month. I just thought to myself “How does this service work? How does it get it’s Steam keys and game to sell?” Thank you for the help in advance. :smiley:


So, in every 24 hours there’s a DELICIOUS offer of a random game and this game whit the offer it can be bought in a period of 24 hours.<-- That’s the base
BUT !!!
In there are the FABULOUS AND AMAZING chrono coins that you can collect clicking next to the price of the offer and if every day you take the coins, they will reward you with chests that contain MORE coins and with that money you can buy games for freeeee
and that’s it
Well also there’s the comunity and you can post topics of some things and reply and some things…
Sorry for the writing mistakes (i’m spanish :stuck_out_tongue: )


What he meant was, “how are the owners of the site getting their keys and money to run the site?”
I would assume that through trading and buying keys at cheaper prices or getting them from the devs, they sell them on the site, and then use the money they earn to give money to devs ( if that’s how they got the keys in the first place ) and also to play the devs that give them keys for the Coin Store.


All of our keys are sourced directly from developers and publishers, no grey market shenanigans here! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response, Are you the creator of I like the site. The gray market thing was one of the things I was asking about, but I didn’t want to ask directly so not to be rude :stuck_out_tongue:

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No problem, and no worries about asking questions like that, we’re pretty open around here. :slight_smile:

I’m a co-founder of the site. You can read more about the site (and us) right over here: - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific.