How do you one box a link?

Help I’m new

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that right there sounds like something you could learn if you did the “tutorial” (hint try typing in tutorial in the search box up top right-magnifying/spyglass icon)

tho you could also just try posting a link and see what happens, for it to get “right”/oneboxed


I didn’t get the option to do a tutorial when i first signed up sorry


no worries, try looking for the tutorial on the forum (using the search feature usually pops up a thread with a guide how to start it) :wink:

from my experience tho, the “Oneboxing” of links, depends entirely on the link, since it appears 1 of 3 things happens,
either it oneboxes, or it just posts a regular link/address as many other sites/forums formats, or it uses a site’s unique “box” redirect



^“special/unique/site’sown boxing”


all linked/entered/posted normal way. ie. direct copypasted the link’s address in post


Ah, thanks!