how do you meet

how you meeting the internet universe :smiley:

my case is begin at twenty years ago because of my mom and you ?


I met the internet through newgrounds with friends. The internet wasn’t very polite.


1996, at my parent’s work place… I had just a basic nintendo at the time for gaming. My dad showed me the world of shareware games that he got off the company network. He installed Windows 3.0 or maybe the version before on a 286 he bought second hand and did some hardware upgrades to. I remember opening up the new mouse and having to open up and unstick the buttons on it. I then proceeded to get hooked on Minesweeper… The internet was just a way for me to occasionally get some more games for a long time.


I guess when family got a computer probably also around 20 years ago, I was still quite young and used to play online games and that.


I think my first contact was through various “internet columns” in magazines in 1997/8. I didn’t really understand what it was about, so I didn’t care about it either. That was until I’ve read that there is programming knowledge and this thing called emulation on the internet. At that point I’ve just about exhausted the capabilities of QBasic and Turbo Pascal (or rather their built in manuals), and the prospect of running arcade games on a PC was simply mind blowing, so suddenly I wanted the internet badly.

Dial-up modems were already common, but I couldn’t afford one (let alone the phone bills that would ensue). Cable broadband (from cable TV providers) was becoming pretty common, but my family didn’t have cable internet. Or cable. Or TV.
Luckily in the summer of 99 a shopping center opened near the town I lived in, and - in it - the French multimedia store Extrapole. They had two display PCs with broadband internet - accessible for free - all mine! (after queuing for an hour or so on arrival). There was a customer shuttle (bus) running every couple of hours between the center and the other side of my town, so getting there was free and easy (50 min. walk + 40 min. bus ride, one way).
By that time I was old enough (13, very machur) to take that trip alone. So I’ve equipped myself with the best compression software (ARJ) and all the floppies I could find to bring the internet home.

This lasted for about a year or so, before they’ve closed down. The latency was measured in days, with throughput of ca. 20 megabytes a week (net, accounting for retransmission of corrupted floppies).
And it was awesome.


I guess it was around 2007/08. That was probably around my primary school days but it’s been so long. Anyway I think it was sites like YouTube and the memories of videos being unplayable because Flash was not installed in the school computer followed by an installation from the administrator. Makes me wonder why they did not install Flash inside their computer if they were going to use YouTube for educational purposes anyhow, but it’s so that teachers can’t play Facebook games and kids can’t play Flash games but that never stopped anyone to try.
Another that comes to mind is (the old Flash website layout gives me nostalgia like crazy), going around, being blown away by Ultimate Flash Sonic (and I still have a soft spot for it obviously a toned down Sonic Advance game) and even going to BBC cbeebies if you can believe it haha.
I didn’t realise this would be me recounting memories of Flash and while I will miss it dearly, I must admit that HTML5 are superior in their functionality and deployment.


i remember my teacher in computing class play games or navegating in web ajjaja nice times XD

later i visit a cyber with a friend and play forbidden games ajajjaja memories …