how do you meet chrono and steam

just for curiosity :slight_smile:

in my experience i meet chrono for the free stuff ajjaja and steam for a game
this game for curious people is one finger dead punch :stuck_out_tongue:


The same happened to me with Chrono, but I started to use the forums at beginning of this year, and for Steam, I created my account back in 2018 or so, just to play Unturned but I started to buy games in September 2019 and knowing all these Bundles/Deals stuff too


I came to steam through others who used the platform and the free stuff was especially luring but yeah the first game I think I paid for on steam I think was civ 5

Chrono I found on those slightly murky looking sites I think u had to visit some links before u entered in for a steam key or that and I was like hmm I hope this doesn’t link to another dodgy looking game store and there I was like okay this looks surprisingly legit



I got to Steam for free multiplayer games in around 2013, and also bought or received some multiplayer games from buddies. That was nice. But in 2016 I got a better laptop and got Life is Strange for it. It got me hooked on amazing indies with great stories to tell, so here I am, 700+ games on Steam, most are singleplayer or coop instead of competitive.

As for Chrono, I suppose it was mentioned on Reddit bc of unique coin system. I found the community by browsing at the same day, i think. And it ended up being my prime game community :grinning: even if I’m not very active.


I got here from TB. He talked about after a video and I checked it out. I probably lurked for a while before I joined.

I don’t even remember when I got a steam account. I’d have to figure out what my first game was somehow. Maybe I got it for unlocking free games.


found chrono from caddicarus
as for steam, I don’t remember but maybe its because of people around me talking about using it or something (man I remember downloading a ton of free games not long after I started steam)
no I’m not dead, I’m typing like this because I’m bored


came to Chrono due to TB recommending it with the Chrono coins. Stayed for the community.

As for steam
Jun 7, 2011 Terraria
First activation.
Member since June 7, 2011.
When I got my steam account.

Which means, I started on steam because I was playing Terraria with some random dude in the UK I met on Facebook. Still actually steam friends with him, but we haven’t played together in a long time.


Came for the free stuff and stayed for the people/forum. I still missing spinning that coin.


I discovered Steam a few years ago. I don’t even have a gaming PC, but I’m a huge board game geek and got it just to play Tabletop Simulator with some friends.

Chrono/Nexus I found when looking up jobs around my campus! I looked into what they were about and thought it would be a really fun opportunity (which, it totally was)!