How do you get into streaming?

I’m a PC gamer but I don’t know much about software or programs or how “things work together”. I just bought parts and put them together and every thing just worked. My friend tried to explain how Twitch streaming works but it sounded complicated. I would like to know exactly what products I need. I have the best Logitech webcam out right now, but IDK if it’s good for streaming or not, it does pick up sound well. I used to think streaming was incredibly stupid but I actually find it relaxing now days to just sat back and watch some streamers while playing other games. I’m getting into Hearthstone right now and while I probably suck, I would like to stream that or whatever other games I play that would draw an audience and it would be cool to meet and play with fellow gamers.


What you need for streaming is a reasonable CPU as well as internet Bandwidth. The better you have, the higher quality your streams could be. If you want to stream a game playing on something else (another PC or a console) you may need a capture card. Another thing you will need is streaming software. Just to name a few: xSplit, wirecast, OBS. Personally I’ve only used OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). You can go to Twitch to see what software is supported and how to set it up.

A few extra tips: another useful program is chatty it lets you read and type in chat without using a browser or flash and it also supports emotes


I use Open Broadcaster Software Studio to record gameplay, but it should be pretty simple to set up for streaming as well. Just sign up on a streaming service and get a stream key, put it into your streaming software of choice and define what you want to capture and you are go. You could always add a webcam or an overlay, but it should be enough to get you started.


OBS and dual monitors make it a lot easier, but if you don’t have a second monitor you can get by with the twitch app on your phone to read chat. Found a breakdown on getting started with OBS, might be worth a read. Here

In my opinion it’s best to use just a mic when getting started, and transition into a cam if you feel your comfortable enough and if people start asking for it. But I watch successful streams with and without a face cam.

Hearthstone is a major game on twitch so be prepared to either get no viewers at first, and the ones who come it will probably call you out on what they think is a missplay. But keep with it if you have fun and good people will show up eventually.

If your into life sim/farming games, jumping on to the stardew valley hype train might be a good way of finding decent viewers. But as in all indies, the hype train leaves pretty quick so only pick it up if it actually looks interesting to you.

Good luck mate.