How do you get all your keys?

I’ve always wanted to do my part and put up a giveaway, but I never have any keys :tired_face:
So I’ve always wanted to know how people like @yoshirules get so many keys to do giveaways?
(Sorry for low quality post my first time making a “topic”)


I buy way too many bundles :blush:


Highway robbery.
They lie in wait for the steam key truck to come barreling down the road and just hold the driver up for the loot.


Naw I just mug them in the streets. Went for a walk today with the hubby and got 5 keys…

Actually, I am like @yoshirules. I buy too many bundles that have games I already have.


I’m the kinda guy that buys a game a year so I dont really buy bundles, so it’s kinda hard for me to get keys :triumph:
I always thought you guys were subscribed to humble and just gave away all the keys you don’t want.


Can you tell me where the next truck comes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I used to be…From the beginning…When Humble FIRST started. I got every bundle they offered. and I got Indie Royale bundles too but they closed up. :persevere: But then there was other places started doing it and I got Bundled out. Lately I have been buying more Bundle Stars/Fanatical bundles.


Yeah I sometimes buy the Humble Monthly, I buy sometimes the regular Humble bundles, I buy sometimes the IG, Groupees and Fantical bundles. I buy sometimes games I want at tremor if I didnt buy a bundle, I trade leftovers, I give games away…ohh I am an addict dont fall for the bundle trap :wink:


My name is delenn13 and I am a game buying addict!:sunglasses:


I swear we had this great group BAA (bundle addicts anonymous) back at the day :smiley:


I get all my keys from @yoshirules :rofl:




All the money I used to spend on steam sales now go to bundles. Not sure if that’s really an improvement :sweat_smile:


Key Generators of course.

lol nah, all of mine so far have been from humble bundles and monthlys just like most others. I continue to buy them even if there’s only one game I want and sometimes I end up with it still unused months later.

Although I do occasionally go crazy and buy a couple of keys from the humble store itself.


while i’m not as rich as scrooge mcYoshi to just buy everything in bulk, nor have the connections of fraggles crime syndicate for elaborate planned heists, or the brawn of delenn to snatch them off the streets; my method is much much more “low key”:
i take a pen and paper, and scribble down a couple of numbers and letters, then i type them into steam and see if they work, -if not, i try again :man_shrugging:
then when i hit a string of combinations that do work, i take note of which games i got, and then i just go in “random”-semi-related sequences from there, (-attaching the prior game name gotten to said keys), and just cross my fingers, bends over and kiss my arse -and pray it works as intended when i give it out to someone :crossed_fingers: :pray:

“homemade”/processed keys so far;

:rofl: :joy: :smile:


That’s the best technique I’ve ever heard in my intire life :exploding_head:


I see that most of the answers have already been given, but mostly my extra keys come from bundles that I have extras or games that I know that I am not going to play. Otherwise, if there’s a really good bundle and I think someone’s going to miss it, I will buy an extra bundle so that I can give out the games later…

Don’t feel the pressure to put together something like that, if ever you run into the situation of having too many left over keys because you decided to start buying bundles, then we can talk. :slight_smile:

The best bundles really come from Humble and from Fanatical. Those are good places to start. Humble bundles will always be released on Tuesdays, so always look there on Tuesdays around 12-1 ET, 9-10 PT, or around evening time if you are in Europe, that’s not every week. You can also get emails from them if you subscribe to their emails. Fanatical usually has a daily deal like Chrono. I often find that their daily deals and Chrono’s daily deals are the best. Every once in a while they will put out a bundle that seems worthwhile, everyone here finds out about it either by going there themselves, or someone will post about it here. IndieGala has bundles, but has these bundles pretty much everyday, so you can kind of guess at the quality of these bundles, or lack thereof. I will buy from IndieGala more often from their site store, for a single game or two on sale, instead of jumping into the bundles. A lot of times Steam will run some weeklong sales for specific developers/publishers, and these tend to be fairly heavy discounts on some bigger name titles, so if there’s any game you are looking for, these sales often gets you the best discounts. Of course this doesn’t give you keys, only games for yourself.

This has been said before, but there’s a website that you can looking at pricing history as well as if there’s a better deal on any of the sites: Is There Any Deal. This, of course, does not include bundles in the price history, that would be too difficult to try to figure out how much the game is being sold for. Just go there and type a name of a game that you wish to obtain for yourself, say from your wishlist or something. You can see the current price, historical lows will give you an idea of how low typically you might be able to get this game. So if it’s something you must have sooner than later, just keep an eye on this and get it while it’s in one of the low points.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy your time here. :slight_smile: We are all here to have fun and share about deals that we find. The giveaways are bonuses that nobody should be expected to put forth just to be a part of this community. It’s great that you are participating more and being active. We learn a lot from each other and about each other here. And once again, no pressure. :smile:


I buy bundles whenever I see one or two games that I actually want. Chances are, some of the backcatalogue games in the bundle that I’ve heard of but don’t care about will come in handy later, and I’ll offer it to a friend later. A few PM’s later, I’ll get at least one “OH @#%*, YOU HAVE THAT GAME?!” followed by highly excited begging. As far as public giveaways go though, I’m pretty terrible about that. I just don’t have the patience for formal giveaways, so it usually boils down to some random dude being on my Discord voice chat just in time for me to notice that I’ve got an extra copy of Homefront: The Revolution and nobody to play Guerilla Mode with.

I’ll keep my smug, overdeveloped critical opinions about Tomb Raider 2013 to myself this time :wink:


no need friendo, we know it’s a/the secret guilty pleasure hidden gem game of yours :wink:
just be kind to the poor Ltd. Rebels, they likely wouldn’t survive you taking their rogue troopers through the wringer again :smirk:
:blush: :rofl:


Buying a bundle for one game, maybe keep one or two keys and trade/givaway the rest.
I have way too many games Ive never even played.