How do i delete my account?

can’t seem to find that option anywhere…

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curious i went looking, couldn’t find such option anywhere either
more curiously though, why would you want to delete your account?
(vs just not using it for instance)


Well, i can’t buy any games since lethal league popped out in the store about 2 months ago. Already sent an email, they told me it was because i have duplicates, and in fact i have, i’ve created another 2 accounts for my younger brothers when i discovered the website but they never kept my coins stored on the inventory and i just can’t delete them. I might as well delete this one and start from scratch despite having more than 10000 useless coins…

i strongly suggest you talk with support or staff again before doing that
i understand there can be legit reasons for having multiple accounts within the same household due to family, but depending on how “stuff” is set up it might mess with something
take a look at this too
so consider either a PM to forum staff or contact support again to see if you can get clarification on what to do both with either termination on current account and/or how to get sorted but not mistakenly flagged as duplicate, or get the “flag” removed