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How do I change my Profile Name?


I registered some years ago thanks to Delenn, who I know from the gamegiveawayoftheday site. So I created an account, but when my kids were going through exams, I sort of dropped out for a couple of years. I tried to sign in using the email I used previously after seeing a thread I wanted to contribute to, but couldn’t remember my password, so I created a new one. When I went to my profile my account name i.e. Ske7JHgrGb just looked like a jumble of letters and not a name. I don’t remember creating this name and I’ve tried to change it, but don’t see how I can . Is it possible that a moderator or administrator could change it to my usual online name which is Whiterabbit-uk. Thank you.


Hey Wabbit,

I tried to change the name. Wouldn’t let me. We need TPTB.

Oh, @lonin, @dusty, @frst and @Ernin8t0r could you please help the Wabbit out???

TIA :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Or you could email…


I’ve updated your username, but you’ll need to sign out of both the main site and the forum and sign back in and it should be updated.


Just sayin’, I’m kinda the reason this feature exists haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


If @lonin’s suggestion doesn’t work, try a blood sacrifice to the Elmo gods. We’ll look into it.



Does sacrificing me work as well?


Thanks, signing out now


And it worked.:hugs:


Welcome back i guess? :slight_smile:


Petition to make evil Elmo the official mascot of





/wonders when @Danacscott is gonna “pet” That Wrascally Wabbit. :thinking:


Too busy petting me and @Enki i guess :smiley:


Or has watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and is aware that attempting to pet the “fluffy rabbit” might not end so well.


This. Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

@delenn13 First one must find him online. O_O Whiterabbit runs around a lot at home too it seems.

@DontBeSilly & @Enki pets :heart:


:slight_smile: A little belated, Thanks :slight_smile:


You gotta watch out for Sesame Workshop first. And HBO, which is owned by Warner Bros or Warner Media, whichever comes first.