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How did you find Chrono?


@harith same I heard about it from TotalBiscuit. I remember him wanting to make he could do this partnership and still do right in the eyes of his audience. I’m not sure if it was this video or not where he goes over it:


This has actually been asked before, but has been dead for a little while


you can read a couple of other people’s “chrono-source” there

i too heard about it from TB, but way back before the coins
i think he was like, “oh btw this new game store opened up, and i’ve (decided?)/considered to “partner” with them, because they feature only 1 game a day and makes it easy for me if i want to recommend the deal or not,”
-and i was like; cool, a new place to (maybe) get a cheaper deal than others on something i might want to play, -and i’ve checked the sales since


r/Gamedeals for me. Humble and Bundlestars, now Fanatical, got me on that subreddit so I always check out the new stores I see on there. Voidu and Razer Game Store are some newer additions and have had some great deals recently.


I was accompanying IsThereAnyDeal, when I ended up meeting with Chrono, since then, I’m here S2 S2 S2


TB when it launched, I have unsubscribed since but at least he brought me here.


Downward Thrust on youtube sent me here.


As said in the previous topic, I was on a Discord server where there was a “” role, and everyday someone would notify this role so they don’t forget to spin the coin. I got curious and checked the site :smiley:


I found out about the site from GameRiot, been clicking almost daily (I forget sometimes :frowning: ), but only got around to going on the community page around when the Wormhole happened. Since then, been checking it every day.


EnhancedSteam had a new update.

I read the update notes and it said it added support for’s somethings or others.

I was like

wat dis?

Here I am.



I think it was a couple of years ago? I remember he advertised it on a few videos, but I can’t remember which one had me checking out the site.


The Neogaf Steam thread.

Full disclosure. I also clicked a link to get here. Just knowing it existed wasn’t enough for my web browser.


From TB’s live streams


i really cant remember exactly but i found it while searching for some giveaways or something on google


Gamehole event. [quote=“cobrakai0101, post:17, topic:10862, full:true”]
Gamehole event.



I originally heard of Chrono through either TB or Cadicarus, and at first I was a little cautious (I’m always a little cautious when something on the internet promises stuff for cheap). But, after talking to some friends about it and finding out they used the site, I was convinced to check it out.


Found out about from a post on the “Free Games on Steam” subreddit. At first I was kinda skeptical thinking the site “might be” another Tremor Games" clone, boy am I thankful I was wrong :smiley:

Also love the fact that members on here host their own Steam game giveaways a la “SteamGifts” but with better odds of winning :smiley:


I found out about from muxybot for discord, it was one of the connections listed.


Caddicarus sent me here. Can’t remember when exactly but it was around the time the Chrono Coins were introduced.


Caddicarus for me as well, but I think it was probably about a year after the first time I heard about it that I actually joined this place. I’m glad I did though!