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How did you find Chrono?


Caddicarus sent me here. Can’t remember when exactly but it was around the time the Chrono Coins were introduced.


Caddicarus for me as well, but I think it was probably about a year after the first time I heard about it that I actually joined this place. I’m glad I did though!


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I heard about it through the caddicarus sponsorship and I still use his code for the site to this day, pretty sure he still does the sponsor bits, he’s a funny guy, I should catch up with his videos.

edit: oh, as I see others have too :smiley:


reddit, long long time ago :slight_smile:


I used to work for a game development studio when Chrono reached out to me and asked to get our games on Chrono, which we happily did! (Cross of the Dutchman, Reign of Bullets and It came from space, and ate our brains)

After that I always stay’d in touch with Justin and introduced him to some other developers that I knew that might wanted to do something with Chrono too. Eventually I was offered a job over at Chrono.

Now I’m always looking for cool games to feature on Chrono with our 24 hour feature and for the coin shop.


In my case, it was a a combination of /r/gamedeals and TotalBiscuit (et al) on the CoOptional podcast (where they occasionally talk about video games). Back when TB went on his rant about key resellers and how scummy some of them are, he noted that Chrono was one of the shining beacons of goodness in that field, and I took note of it. I also started noticing the site popping up on the gamedeals subreddit, and thought that it may be worth checking out. When I got here and found the “hey kids, free games!” coin drops, I knew I’d be sticking around and returning to see what new stuff would crop up. Little did I know that there was also a super-cool forum full of super-chill people hiding behind the store front. That’s what’s really kept me coming back - the community.


Watched a youtube video from AGDQ 2017 and saw the chrono logo in the corner. Checked it out.

Since then, I’m up to 99 purchases and counting!


Two words, Total Biscuit.