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Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC available to pre-order


:no_mouth: meanwhile still stuck repeating Grim Dawn play over and over:expressionless:


I’m not experiencing an issue with the game, and neither are my sisters or my friends who pre-ordered it. Then again, I know enough about PCs that when the driver came out for it, I did a clean install of it (the one with the fixes for HZD). It seems like it all seems to boil down to the shader builder at the start of the game. Most of the people with issues reported it failed or crashed during it. It is probably something related to that.

I’ve watched dozens of streamers play without issue, like for example Cyanide. If you think that’s a lot of people with issues, just remember that those who don’t have them will not be spamming forums with “it works great”. I’m not saying these people aren’t having problems, far from it, I’m saying it is actually a very minor part of the audience and they will, of course, be more vocal about it than those who are not experiencing them.