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Hopes and dreams for the steam summer sale


didn’t they end up making a final season but under a different studio?


Yes, The Walking Dead: The Final Season was published by Skybound Games. That said, @AcornAvenger is lamenting the fact that the “final season of the Walking Dead” is currently an Epic Games Store exclusive.


Ahhh ok, yah screw epic games 100%


Baba is You
Project Arrhythmia

These are my top priorities and I might pick them up whether they go on sale or not.

My secondary wishlist items are either Night in the Woods, Gris or Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, depending on how much money I have left to spend.

I heard Monolith, Rain World and 7 Billion Humans are nice time wasters, but I don’t have plans on acquiring them…yet(who knows)

Huge backlogs are an actual concern of mine too. I have a fairly long list of games I bought(from the last summer sale even). I’ve been chipping away slowly through my library but new games just keep coming and I want to play them first lmao, and also college gets in the way so you can’t really binge a game 24/7.


Another Baba is You fan! Yay! I hope both of us get it.

As for NITW, it’s one of my all-time favorites! I hope you enjoy. :blush:


My mind is pretty much set. 80-90% off stuff on my wishlist I might consider. If I don’t buy, it will probably get removed from my wishlist. After that, I will just look at daily deals.

Like @Gnuffi, I am also not very excited about what they had done to the sale event this year. I am not dumping money in just to get Steam meta-progression, that’s a certainty.


I like the addition of this:

Finally something that bloats the storefront but has some use! :+1:

Btw, @delenn13 should we merge this thread with this one?:




well i might not get Doom (2016) after all. wished it was 40%-50% off considering Doom Eternal is releasing this fall but its still 25% off. :frowning:


kinda disappointed the pig was red… i wanted the real pig color, i mean the others match, why pig has to be red? :thinking:
i’m highly prone to taking the pig, because, well, team red(again), and pig, duh…
but the lazy part of me also can’t sorta help thinking about at least attempting to “game” the system, by holding out for last moment, and then just join the winning team for that splendid profile trophy badge (in case there even is such this time like last race couple of years ago)…
we’ll see, lots of stuff to sort through, and i’m already exhausted/sleepy as is, picking sides seem like such a heavy task atm, even despite the easily available bacon option :sweat_smile:


Come to a PIG SIDEEEE!

it’s 75% off original msrp (about in line with the common Bethesda route), remember it has had 2 base price slashes, and when the (larger) publishers do that, usually “fixed” discounts usually get lower too, so overall it matches with their “large” discount of release price. Usually you have to look at 3rd party store for for better/“best” discounts on these sort of things, since the others often keep their usual steam discount %s during summer/winter sale the last couple of years
that said, 15bucks is totally not a bad thing for this game, even if not equal to a nice 50% discount for a round 10$


Me tooo T_T
I came to steam for fun. Not internal dilemmas T_T


well i guess I’ll be getting another $20 steam wallet card tomorrow.


Update: I chose tortoise because look at that sweet car. Plus the mouth of the tortoise. I just can’t :sob:

Edit: I was up late completing a portfolio for varsity last night and was ready to sleep at 7pm but I will gladly give my salty tears of sleepiness to team tortoise


Me too omg :sob: :yellow_heart:

:turtle: TEAM TURTLE GO! :turtle:

proceeds to ignore the whole ordeal entirely and actually play games that are worth her time…


*cough check bottom row of quests for “recently played games” eligible for easy points/achievements as entry*cough :wink:
me, not that fortunate… damn downtime and idling, have 1 mill games “recently”, and none with already completed progress :confounded: