Homefront... You Want It? [CLOSED]

As some of you are probably well aware, Homefront was Free recently with Humble Bundle and due to my want for free things, I got a copy but didn’t actually want it, so if YOU do, please leave a comment below by Pressing F to pay your respects (as it is my birthday this weekend), if you leave a respect paying comment, you will be entered into the draw for Homefront if there is indeed an unlikely event where there’s more than one who wants it.

If there is more than one looking to get it, which I doubt as most of you will probably have it or chose not to when it was free but just in case of that, an RNG will be used.

It is also Free to play today and this bloody link thing below won’t work.


Snagged a copy myself so not here for the freebie, just wanted to say Happy Birthday dude :slight_smile: Hope you have a smegging fantastic day!


Happy birthday in advance.

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Still having difficulty not automatically liking all your posts, 'cause each one features your amazing title.

No respects from me. (hahaha, that sounds awful!)

Happy birthday!



Happy Birthday :smiley:

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Okay 2 entries, so I just did a good ol’ fashioned coin toss. @victih won with tails.

Thanks all (2) for entering,

Just send a PM to me saying you still want the game and I shall send you the key.

Thanks for the respectful birthday wishes too, even though it is not quite my birthday yet, I still very much appreciate them.

You redeemed yourself with a Rimmer salute.

Rimmer Salute Season 8

I thank you.


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well happy birthday man! :birthday:


Oh wow, a birthday greeting from Bart and Michael Jackson, what a treat.

Not sure why theyare calling me Lisa though.

Thank You @Gnuffi
(it is tomorrow)
I appreciate it.

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if i’m available, i’ll log in tomorrow and make a “timely” birthday well wishing then :wink:

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I have a sneaking suspicion that you may just be. I thank you but there really is no need, at my age they are more of a harsh reminder than anything else. Lol.

How is your Giveaway going? You need your own badge, Santa Gnome or something. What say you @dusty?

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juuust “wrapped it up” :smile: ,
all that is left now is for the final winner to PM me back, and then it’s just time to relax for the holidays, maybe some hibernation :joy:

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Happy Birthday \o/ :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:

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Thank you very much.

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Darth Vader Nooo

Thank You. :beer::beers:

Happy Birthday Punkster!

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PC Principal Social GIF

Thank you @DanosaurJr, I appreciate it.


Best wishes on your birthday! Have a beer milkshake on me…

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Just for you… Hope you have a great day!:fireworks::tada::confetti_ball::cake:

Worf Birthday