"Hold my beer"

made me think it might be fun to have a thread were we could “gather”/post some type of “hold my beer” moments
-figured since the gaming scene particular likes to indulge in “controversy” it would eventually be ripe with “beers” around here
or just any other off topic “let me one up you” hilariously “upsetting” stuff/events :wink:

(and while the example given up top so far is just speculative, part of me really hopes MS does this and twists it in a far more skeevy direction too, -just for giggles :joy:)


I saw this cinematic a while ago, since I liked to keep somewhat up to date with current WoW lore, even if I haven’t played the game in a long while. Players knew they were going to Argus in patch 7.3, they just didn’t know how until this cinematic happened in game.

This is the top comment, which I think fits perfectly:
Literally everyone: “How will we get to Argus in 7.3?”

Illidan: "Hold my beer"

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dayum… so much in that “little” scene it almost makes me happy i gave up following lore/playing game…
Kiljaeden apologizing… who would have thought the day… -well Velen probably saw it coming :wink:

Welcome to the new unofficial Jim Sterling forum.


oh i hope not, -delete, DELETE!
was more meant as some sort of fun’ish “hold my beer” stuff/“drama” moments, -and not exactly in the full blown JimQuisition drama “the end is nigh!” rrrrRaaarg botw 6/10
(my example wasn’t so much circle jerking the “lootbox issue” but more; “oh something new -for lewtboxins”)
-also hoping the “hold my beer” wouldn’t involve politics or “trumpets” or “gates” or camp/side choosings etc, but more the sorta “oh that might not be good, but lets have a laugh”'ish :blush:
but maybe i’m too hopeful and it’s doomed :thinking: (or will just die out anyway :wink: )


this made me laugh pretty damn good. 10/10 notIGN. well done.
“'the end is nigh! rrrrRaaarg botw 6/10.”