High CPU usage

Hello everyone. I have a problem using this website as whenever the website is open on Firefox, I get a high CPU usage.

It’s weirdly high and no other website does that.


Yeah I see that too, there’s also a gpu usage on the front page which made me suspect the culprit is the twitch thing doing things even if the streams are no longer autoplaying. I also see the same behaviour in chrome.

I tried blocking the whole twitch section but see no difference in cpu or gpu load, not sure if uBlock Origin is only blocking what I get to see while still loading the content though.

It is indeed rather noteworthy and could do with an explanation if the site is working as intended, or a fix if it is not.

Thanks for the heads up.

Further observations: If another tab is selected in the same window it does not use any extra resources, but it does if the site is open in a window on it’s own even if not in focus or even visible. It does also not appear to matter which page of the site I’m on. My coins and Orders page consumes as much gpu and cpu as the front page does and they don’t have any twitch bits from what I can tell.


Looks like the chest progress bar is (at least a part of) the problem.

Profiling results with the progress bar...

...and without it

Perhaps something to do with the way it’s being updated by some script causing unnecessary redraws?


Thanks for sharing this finding. I noticed if I removed the progress bar as well then both my CPU and GPU usage both decreased a fair amount. I’ve also forwarded the thread to the relevant folks so hopefully they can figure out what’s going on :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up folks, we’re looking into this.