Hi, i would like to trade [Closed]

Lately i have:

  • Murderous Pursuits
  • White Night
  • I, Hope
  • Millennium: A New Hope
  • AI War: Fleet Command

and probably can buy another game from the coinshop ( if someone want for trading ). Just offer me.Thanks for reading

Millenium and ai war were free so I doubt anyone will give anything for them <3

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Yeah i know, most of it from humble giveaway. so i just put it there to make the list longer :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Nice, I traded my murderous persuits for darksiders warmastered edition. <3

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hey that’s a good one, nice trade :triumph:. Hopefully i can trade something too

Well, when I was looking for people you could trade Murderous Pursuits with people pointed out that it was free as well, so it just comes down to how much someone wants something and if you try hard enough or have some trade it for you. Wink wink.

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Well it wasn’t completely free bcs you needed to buy something to get enough stamps. I actually got it fully free from chrono so wink wink.