Hey, you just tried this, and I know it's crazy, but something broke

So I was getting this error while trying to buy Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition from the shop. And I have already contacted​ support for this. And they said that my account is a duplicate to another account.

I’ve replied to that email asap explaining​ that I do not have any other account except this one. This is the one and only account I created and used. So you may ask, then why would that happen to you if you didn’t to that?
Well, I have another problem. I am almost always on VPN. I know it’s not cool but there is a reason. The only way I can access the internet is by using VPN for some ISP issue. Here I accept my fault of using VPN but I didn’t have any other way around. So it must be someone else, also using same VPN server as mine created an account here but its counted as a duplicate account. I am not sure but I am sure that I have only one account.

Its been almost 2days now but haven’t received any reply from support then. If my problem can not be solved, I can totally understand that because I have a fault. But its worth a try :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

VPN services use a shared IP pool. :wink:

Hey, I’ll look into this some more and get back to you. I certainly understand some folks needing VPNs, and we don’t have any rule against them, but they can cause issues with our various fraud detection methods. We’re working on a new system for coins that will avoid this completely though!


Thats a relief! Thanks @lonin