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HEY does someone want to buy or give away a copy of squad


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Just to make sure…

This is the game you are talking about?
Now I’m really curios about what arrangements you have in mind going on there.


it’s all good, just meet him here


this is in fact the game i was talking about, i can do anything from logo design web design, i know french of you have ever been interested in it i can help with that i can make some sort of trade i have tf2 items and other items i have connections that can give me access to free indie game keys but usually for origin but that could take a while if you are interested but basically if there is something you need or want other than previously mentioned then let me know if there is work that need to be done ill do it as long as it is reasonable


what do you mean


just a joke from a while back, so now it’s an inside joke, i guess


lol its all good


Saul Good, man




Lol. But just to let u know, this isn’t really a place to beg, unless you have a list of games to trade perhaps.
There are some forums with like gifting threads though soo I advice you look elsewhere, or some discord server.


lol ik ik im only memeing me and my friends were are all on this site on were like lets see how many people even notice this thread i didnt expect it to be at the top lol i was like bet


disclaimer do not take this seriously its only a joke


I thought it might be cos its written so badly lol
Still there are ppl who ask for stuff genuinely