Helpdesk emails response time?

How long does it take to get an answer to an email sent to the helpdesk?

depends, but @frst or @lonin will probably get in touch with u within 24h or so

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Should I write them more them more directly then? Coz’ It’s been more than 24h since I sent the email.

Just be patient. @harith’s 24 hour statement isn’t a fact, just a rule of thumb. From experience I can say that they will get back to you eventually, even if it takes a few days.

I meant from the time I summoned them to this thread, shouldn’t be long now :slight_smile:


Hello, I hate to be annoying but I want to point out that I sent the email to helpdesk on Monday. At what point do I try to contact anyone more directly?

You are not annoying. It usually doesn’t take that long. Oh, @lonin @dusty or @frst …Front and center! @gokajern needs your help!