I have 2 mails and I know which one I used for the forum. Now I got logged out of the shop site (guess the cookie expired) and no matter which mail adress I try (because I forgot which one I used), on both I get a mail to reset my pw and if I try to login wt either I get a “click here to verify your account”.
Now my only 2 explanations are that you got a bug on your end OR you think I was trying to get more coins by signing up twice (which I didn’t & I only ever grabbed coins on the same exact account) and you blocked my account? :disappointed_relieved: Help pls guys


nvm after trying over and over again in my panic it finally worked after resetting passwords a couple times. Please don’t block me cause u think I’d try to abuse the system tho pls lol ahhhh ._.


It’s not a problem if you only have account on one e-mail.


yeah but I made the mistake of using different mail adresses for coinshop & forum, so I end up confusing them :frowning:

If you login into forum with different e-mail isn’t that a different account?
I believe they should be connected.

The forum and the coinshop are different accounts anyway afaik.

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both yes and no
if you use the same email to sign up for the forum as you used on the store page, then they are indeed linked, and you can just use your username(not email) to log in

but if you used a diff email, when you signed up on forum, than you did on store page, then yes indeed you do have 2 accounts, -and should probably be careful not to switch up which one you try to use so it’s the same/not use forum name, so you don’t get/potentially risk that annoying "multi acc detection"lockout from the coin shop


They are not connected, unfortunately.

So if you have a site account where you collect coins and use the coinshop and buy regular deals for a year without ever going to the forums, there’s no forum account.

And that’s why there are people who come in to comment about coin-shop games, etc, looks like they just joined (same day forum) but they have 20K coins.

There’s a good group of people who are on the Discord channel instead… led by @KSib usually. I am still old school I guess (I don’t really know how to use Discord… :blush:, so I have never gotten over there).

@anon63424221, just make sure that you don’t try to sign up for multiple accounts either way…

If you get caught with using 1 IP and two main site accounts, you will lose the ability to buy/spend your coins… You can still collect them, but you won’t be able to buy anything from the coin shop… (which is totally reasonable and I agree with the site for doing this.)

@Gnuffi has a more concise and more informative explanation.


Oh I fully agree wt that, I just don’t agree wt it if I accidentally (possibly) created a new account which I’ve never collected coins on :sweat_smile::no_mouth:


it’s an automated system I believe, so I am not sure what would happen… the simple solution is just don’t do it…