Help me pick my next game to play

So I am now at an impasse, I just finished Cuphead (great game overall) and I am needing to figure out what game to play next, but I have a few options and don’t know which to choose. So vote here and maybe sound off on why I should play your chosen game over the others.

  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Dead Cells
  • Freedom Planet
  • Kingdom: New Lands
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

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Crash Bandicoot all the way because it‘s not that challenging and fun!


I think they are all great options. I don’t know much about Freedom Planet, but I have to say I was really impressed by Ori in my time spent with it recently. I also know it to be a not too lengthy game so that it might be a good one to play and then be able to finish and to move on from.

I am a slow poke when it comes to games, and I have completed about a third of the game in approximately 6.5 hours going rather slowly and taking my time to try to find secrets. The necessarily things needed to beat the game are along the main story path, but I like to take my time and look for secrets, etc.

There are some really challenging platforming parts, but it is one of the most beautifully drawn 2D platformers I have every played.


You’ve just played what is essentially a side scrolling action game. So personally I’d probably want to avoid doing something similar straight afterwards. That would discount Ori, Freedom Planet and Dead Cells.

Which leaves Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom New Lands and Shadow Tactics. Now those are three very different games…I’ve been reading up about Shadow Tactics lately because of it’s recent bundle inclusion so that’s a good choice for something different, but It might be an idea to go completely different and go for Kingdom New Lands which would serve as a big jump from Cuphead.

So essentially flip a coin between Shadow Tactics and Kingdom New Lands.


I love Ori but I haven’t played any of the others so I’m biased haha. Hard to go wrong with any of them!


That’s not a question at all… I see only one answer in that poll :open_mouth:

I will try to justify it by being mean … Dead Cells is a game, the rest are art.


You forgot Mark of The Ninja. How could you?! Summoning @Fraggles.

On a more serious note, I can only speak for Kingdoms and Dead Cells.

  • Dead Cells is challenging, fun, diverse and can be played in short bursts. It’s more fun if you play a few runs each time, so it’s a good bet if you don’t have that much time in your hands.

  • Kingdoms I feel has a bit of a weird pacing and a peculiar way of escalating difficulties. I didn’t find end-game as well design and as rewarding as the first levels.

To be honest, Kingdom feels a bit out of place on your list, so I wouldn’t recommend that.

Whatever you end up picking, have fun! :blush:


Well shadow tactics at least have Ninjas in it, and it’s a great game so I’ll let it pass this time.


I pick answer 7 GARFIELD KART


I am biased because I prefer strategy games.


Dwarf Fortress


Do you own those titles already? If so, I’d suggest Kingdom as it is the only one in the list I can talk about (other than Crash, though I have not played the remake). However, Kingdom: New Lands will in no way be similar to Cuphead. It is a very minuscule side scrolling kingdom builder.


Yep that list is made from games in my library


I’d go for Crash Bandicoot. While I know Dead Cells is highly popular, I would think you would prefer something calmer on the rage-inducing scale after playing Cuphead.

I also have a txt doc full of games that I would recommend… though I haven’t updated it in a couple years.


I’ve been playing a lot of Kingdom Classic lately so i voted for Kingdom: New Lands. I’ll be moving onto K:NL myself once i 100% Classic.


Check out kingdoms if you have not tryed it yet


Oh I should probably mention that although there is a vote this is only to help me make my decision on what I will play, game with the most votes wont necessarily be what I play, there have been some good points from everyone on what I should play next, so keep them coming!
Also maybe to help things more, here are some more of the games i have played/finished recently:

  • Dust and Elysian Tale
  • NBA Playgrounds
  • Into the Breach
  • Slay the Spire
  • A Hat in Time
  • Forced Showdown

Just close the thread and install Crash already, brother.


Pretty soon I am going to look at your Steam profile and there will be several hours of Freedom Planet logged. :stuck_out_tongue:


Despite all the votes for it and largely enjoying the game myself I’m going to specifically recommend against Dead Cells as your “next game to play”. Dead cells is not the sort of game you pick up, finish and move on with. It’s something you can and likely will be playing in perpetuity putting it down only because you’ve gone off it rather than complete it.

Now I don’t of course mean to never play it, just that you should probably pick it up as a 2nd game returned to now and then by the side of any other primary title you’re playing.