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help me find the title of a movie


As in Pavarotti? I honestly don’t remember that but I guess that isn’t really my scene.


No sorry as in Pavlova. I’ve always got food on the brain.


Ah sorry, since it was about people before my mind continued down that path, should have thought of that, we do shorten it to pav. Yep that something that I think is still in contention between Australia and New Zealand and I don’t know if that will ever be solved to be honest, even looking at the wikipedia page it seems the Americans are trying to claim it as well The one thing we do agree on is that pavlova is delicious.


I refuse to believe it was created in America, nearly all of the Americans I’ve spoken to have no idea what a good pav is.

It is absolutely delicious though, it’s probably my favorite dessert.

Also for all you other cooks/bakers out there, this is my favorite meringue recipe to use in a pavlova.


Nah I do still have it in my totally legal movie folder but I haven’t had the time (or will) to watch it yet.


Glad to hear it, keep it that way (though if you do for some insane reason watch it please let me know your thoughts on it).