help.I bought a game without logging in.

Sorry, I wrote the translator.
I bought a game without logging in earlier, but the key isn’t coming.I bought a game at around 22:10 today, but the game key hasn’t come out yet. Obviously my cell phone has a text message for payment. I wonder if I wrote the wrong e-mail.There is no way to confirm it again.What should I do? Help me.


You should send an email to with this information to make sure that @lonin, @frst or maybe @Ernin8t0r sees your plea and can do something to help you out.


Thank you:joy:. I just sent a mail.I hope this is well done.


I went and logged out of the main site, tried to make a purchase being logged out, and I came across the page that asked for an email to continue with purchase:

I couldn’t click on any payment options at all until the email is in place.

Did you happen to put your email in there? Usually will send you an email with your purchase confirmation and your Steam key in a separate email I believe.

Maybe check your auto-spam filter in your email as well?


I entered my spam mail box, but I could not find any mail.


I imagine if Chrono sent you those emails, they will have email logs as well, and the site staff should be able to forward along the key to you.

Too bad the best-learned lessons are through the more difficult paths, make sure you are logged in in the future when making purchases. You get a whole account log on the main site telling you the dates, monies spent, and all of your keys on there when you are logged in. Plus, when you are logged in, you get to collect additional Chrono coins for your purchase, not to mention the ability to spin for daily coins for some nice freebies from the coin shop from time to time.

Good luck!


Yay I get to practice!

게임을 사기후에, 웹 페이지에 스팀 키가 또 받아요. 그레서 아마도 웹 페이지 역사에 찾으세요.

이메일이 달라고 스팀 키가 이메일에서 안받다고 이에헸어요. 그러면 이메일이 하고 계정 이메일 같아면, 키가 아직도 있어요.

마지막에. 환불이 받을수 있어요. 연락하세요.

행운을 빕니다~


I am so confused… what?


I’m assuming @GDBringer delighted in the opportunity to attempt to translate part of the FAQ into Korean.


Ah… It make sense now, this thread started with the post saying that it was written through a translator… I read it originally and it just didn’t register with me… good call, @GDBringer! :+1:


Ooh my turn

해파리가 내 감정을 해치려 고 할 때마다 나는 물에 빠져 든다.
나는 이것이 구글 번역 인 것처럼 나는 무엇을 말하고 있는지 정말로 모른다. 그러나 포럼에 어서 오십시오



They’re right. I love helping my buddies on the other side of the pond. Until they tell me to do their homework. Hah!

Uh. I understood the second part. But that first part, what?
I will try to translate as best I can…“At times, when I’m drowning in water. I try to feel like a jellyfish.”:squid:
Sounds a bit poetic.
I bet a native will understand better. But no hope for me on that part!


I think i wrote whenever I enter the water the jellyfish try to hurt my feelings.
I translated the translation back to english and i think it came out as whevener the jellyfish hurt my feelings i fall into the water.

I always like using google translate to translate random sentences as they never quite come out right. I think my go to which i have used here on the forums is about getting help to get the eels of my hoverboard.


That’s hilarious. Translators usually come out with weird stuff.

I guess google translate is getting pretty good. It used to be incredibly bad. Talking about bedsheets and making weird grammar. I wonder if this website has other language options though. Maybe I didn’t need to explain things. Hmmm.


여기서 뭐하는거야? 이 포럼은 정신 나갔다.


I sent you an e-mail asking for a solution.How many days do you usually take care of it?


support reply time-frame varies, they try to get back to you as fast as they can, usually within couple of days :+1:
but sometimes they have many things to respond to, and have to remember the Chrono team is not so big - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific.,
-and at the moment (going by other posts) they have various people contacting support for other things too
they are usually good to to try and help or fix things, and don’t worry they will respond to you sometime/“as soon as they can”

and since @fraggles has already called on the admins in the first post they will be on it eventually no doubt