HELP! All of my coins are gone! 25k+ What Happened?

I went to the site today as my 12:00pm reminder reminds me to on my phone every day. I was at my PC and a see a cool new format for Cyber Monday with several games. I went to click the coin to get my coins for the sale bit was told I had already claimed my coins for the sale…

I was confused. I then looked up at my coin count and it was at 0. I had between 25,000 and 30,000 coins, where did they go? This must be a bug. How could this happen, why is nobody else talking about this?


Just the page isn’t loading correctly… Try again in a few minutes and all should be fine

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loading issues it seems
probably caused by site stress atm cos new deal, happened to a bunch of us

Same here, guess there’s a script stuck calculating the coins aka something server side

edit: - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific. keeps loading. Looks like a load problem


The site is quite wonky right now, i tried logging out and back in to fix the coin thing, but it took ages before i could get back on. So probably some sort of maintenance.


More wonky than a three legged Donkey :stuck_out_tongue:
All my 11-12k keys vanished, but most likely will appear again later on.

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I just had to log out and back in and my coins are back.


I wonder what will happen for those of us who clicked on the coin but weren’t able to claim it because of loading issues? I’m on what is essentially day 29 of a streak, so I’m really hoping the issues don’t bork everything up.

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I lost my streak because i couldnt log in earlier :frowning:

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Don’t worry … for sure this will get fixed in no time and btw has a surprise for this as well >
Current daily

mine is fully back up, coin/streak page too, and it seems like it remembered to count streak correctly too despite of the errors/issues with coin and crashing

This thing you are experiencing now happened to me probably 20 times already because I log in in about 10-15 minutes after the daily deal changes and I get 0 in my coins next to my mail plenty of times. The high traffic right now is probably the only reason this is occurring to more people.

Yeah it seems to work now.
I’ve had an pleasant error for once though

dang :sunglasses:
i wonder if that counts for an extra streak day too then and pushed up up a day to the “true” day1’ers

RNGesus! 100+ == true, but such numbers…

Probably the max is 110, because I got 108 :smiley: