Hello,I have mental issues and I don't know my steam key

Hi! After throwing a steam key into the hole,I received a game,but since I’m not totally healthy in my head I closed the chrono.gg page (because I wanted to remove my steam auth since I broke my S7 and I no longer had access to the code).Now the code is gone somewhere,can someone help me get it back?
(I had copied it in the clipboard but I also copied the code that Steam sent me through my email for the recovery of my account)

No it’s gone forever.

I’m not sure this can help you in this instance but there is a program that you can use to see your most recent history, I have never used this program but I have wondered about whether this was a thing when you asked. So here is the link View windows clipboard history




Well,that shows only the text that has been copied AFTER you installed the program unfortunately :frowning:

yes that was what I thought might have been the case, which was why I said

For all of your psychiatry needs good 'ole Philly D recommends BetterHelp | Professional Therapy With A Licensed Therapist ; convenient, private, professional counseling online. What could go wrong?!?..

All jokes aside, I deeply regret the casualties of my ongoing battle with mental illness. The combined onslaught of dysthymia and anxiety throughout the vast majority of my life has claimed many a victim. Few have remained unscathed in the wake of my passing. My situation did become more manageable after I sought licensed medical help. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services information, down below.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - USA
SAMHSA’s National Helpline ~ 1-800-662-HELP (4357)


Yeah well that’s very cool and all but where do I go if I want to start doing substance abuse in the first place? Your post is obviously incomplete.

May I ask, if your nickname has a story of you scaring old women being in Star Wars underwear or something? Because that would be even cooler.


Well that depends, which substance are you looking to start abusing? There’s several readily available over counter. Alcohol and nicotine would be the easiest to pick up and start with. If you’re looking for cheaper stuff then you might want to look towards a hardware store for glues, paint thinners and the like. They might cost a bit just up front but a bottle of glue will last you longer.

If price and legality isn’t an issue then find the shadiest neighborhood you can find in town and ask anyone you see loudly if they have anything to sell. Eventually I’m sure you’ll find someone who does. Or you’ll find other adventures that will have a net negative impact on your health, in the end something is going to be getting abused.


Morphine, morphine!

A somehow related question: do you write Frag? Because it seems to be you have a way with both words and substance. Not the cocaine type of substance though.


I’m delighted you think so, alas I do not write in the way I assume you mean. I spend my writing ability on shitposting online only. As you might have noticed from time to time, once I do find something I want to say it can result in rather massive post. I really do try to make them as easily readable as I can though.


Sent you a PM :blush:


Truly a hero of your time. My partner was talking to me today how she’s greatly pleased some people decide to live the troll life in a proffesional way due to things like this


I do not live there, and I’m not paying that money, but I bet all those episodes of Art Attack I saw will come in handy when the time comes.


hm, he’s not a troll though, far from it, his shitposting is just meant to be funny and original, and besides that, he spends a lot (a LOT) of time trying to rectify ppl’s wrong understanding about any given subject


I think the term you were looking for was “MD”.

Gotta work those drug dealing muscles, dusty!

haha he’s taking a jab at you @Fraggles! careful or he’s gonna break one of your rib cages! I can’t be pushing you around a wheelchair again, man :joy:

Or just come to Brazil. It rains abbusable drugs here. @Enki back me up so he comes over and we corner him and steal all his money. 50/50 I swear


What did this thread become? LOL


Welcome to chrono.gg’s community; this is normal here, rather typical in fact, so y, grab a seat and have some cake:


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I know, I know, I was using a broad sense of troll wich would have been better worded as banter probably, due to the love of this man to be funny while maintaining a serious instance.


He’s going nowhere, sloth-locked


Relevant to part of the topic at hand, before it went offtrack. Originally it was streamed on Twitch and recently uploaded to Youtube. I do hope that maybe, just maybe, someone can find something to take to heart from this stream. Enjoy… and have a great day! :peace_symbol: