Hello folks i have some free steam keys to giveaway :3

Hello gys since i have some keys to giveaway from Sam & Max an amazing telltale game

enjoy for those who got it and if mods if this is forbidden i’m sorry hope i won’t get in trouble if it’s not allowed i won’t giveaway keys no more :slight_smile:


Didn’t claim any, just wanted to chime in that you may or may not need to be a little more elaborate ( if you care ) with a giveaway because there might be bots that are designed to try take keys posted on the forum.


highly appreciate the generosity and giveaway :smiley_cat:
there have been several user made giveaways on Chrono before, so don’t think there should be any trouble for you

but a little tip, just to help avoid bots scan and snatch keys(even tho unlikely they trawl Chrono forum i guess)
when directly posting entire keys, use some mild “encryption” like ?=(x) or first/last letter =(x), etc something like that

and again, cheers to you for handing out free stuff :+1:


well i love to give to charity and i always buy games from humblebundle and help to charity and i’m huge fan of telltale games and i already had the games and i’m their ‘‘regular’’ even if i had the games i still decided to donate and get the keys i gave some to my friends and some here i assure you my friend i’m no troll and no bot :slight_smile:

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i doubt SSepiroth meant you were a bot, but that you should be prudent and add countermeasures to avoid bots grabbing the keys (since bots “patrol” sites like reddit and steam and insta grab keys if they are just posted directly in their entirety unaltered/un"encrypted")


okey next time i’ll make sure to do it ^.^ ppl here are nice so i decided to give some to others to make ppl happy :smiley: also ty gys for giving me dem free coins i managed to collect some and give some of the games that are on the lists to my friends :smiley: you gys ROCK ^.6


okey i will watch out and keep your advice i miss understood in my part since i’m bit bad with english