happy birthday to me


is my birthday y desaprove an exam today im sad but i feel better now but its my fauld to failed


:tada::tada: Happy Birthday, fellow Danganronpa fan! :tada::tada:

Enjoy your holiday, and do your best on the next exam if it’s possible :facepunch: You can do it!


Happy Birthday @cacronia :gem:
Good luck in the future! :nerd_face:


Hope you have a great day. And don’t give up on school. Keep plugging away. Hope you hammer the next test.


thanks and i finish the school long time ago :sweat_smile:


Then what was the exam for??? Or should I ask?


no problem this exam is for one carrer for i study this subject is no difficult but im preety vague jajajaj i should put efort in the next try and today i had and error because of this i failed :cold_sweat:


:tada: Feliz cumpleaños :tada: y como decimos por aca “hagale con moral” que ese examen se recupera


Happy Birthday!

Getting older means getting more responsibilities. Oh Adulthood!


Yay happy birthday! Where is the :cake: ?!


Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. Don’t forget to post some pics from your birthday in the following thread if you can:


:balloon: :gift: :birthday:


@cacronia Happy birthday (belated) dumpling. Apologies for being late. Hope you had a great day yesterday. :chipmunk: gives :doughnut: