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Happy 3rd Birthday!


Did you know that 3 years ago, sold its very first game? It was Broforce and the daily deal was posted by @EMCL himself.

They’ve had big games hosted here recently from big developers and publishers like Sega and Ubisoft and also hosting indie hits like Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Dead Cells as well as introducing us to titles that we might not have known about at all. I may not have purchased Ni No Kuni II or bought Pharonic if it wasn’t for a certain Chrono partners showing off the game via Twitch.

They have grown quite a bit! There’s at least 5 faces that are newer to me which is great :smiley:

So… Let’s wish a the team at @EMCL @Ernin8t0r @frst @lonin @dusty @RaccoonV @FacianeA (I couldn’t find accounts for some of you, sorry!)

:ice_cream: Happy 3rd Birthday!!! :cake:

May you all have many more and continue to offer great cheap deals, promote with our great content creators, and keep running an enjoyable place to be. :smiley:


Hooray for! And here is to many more amazing years ahead!

Much love to all the admins, staff and others who contribute to making this such an amazing place to be a part of!



Yay for Chrono being the Gaming Industry Toddler that everyone loves! :slight_smile:

Now we just need @Inferry with the accompanying graphic, because I can’t draw at all…


Chrono is the first forum community I’ve joined. I came for the coins but I stayed for the people! (And the coins :laughing: )


Well put and I fee the same way. :slight_smile: Chrono is great.




Oh WOW! 3 Years??? Is that in “Cat Years”???

I am so happy…Doing “CatWheels” :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


That’s awesome! Happy Birthday Chrono!


Happy birthday!


:clap: Congrats Chrono, :tada:
:clinking_glasses: -and you don’t even look a day older than 2½


Happy birthday to Chrono! Never thought I’d find peace on the internet :smile:


Wow… 3 years old! I’ve known about Chrono for what has been a year, but I only joined the community 3 months ago. Seriously guys, congratulations! Have a Happy Birthday!:tada:


happy bday
i dont have so much time here but i love this community so hard


Happy bdayy :laughing: :tada:


For our birthday I got a gift for someone else: CYZXK-45NA9-M2***

Hint: 5 more world wars


ayyyyyy u old af


Whoa, holy shit that was Frostpunk!

Thank you so very much @lonin, that’s a game I’ve been having my eye on for quit a while.

Happy 3rd year, hope we’ll see plenty more years to come.


Wow … 3 years… 3 YEARS SERVING US GREAT Titles!!! Great games for a fracture of price, 3 years of making us happy, i wanna wish you to always be happy like you made us happy. I wish you all the luck and success now and for all the days to come!!!


Happy birthday yo!:clinking_glasses: