Happy 11/2021 Thanksgiving!

It’s a holiday again with a lot of food. Which brings up my family’s most asked question.

Do you stop the smoke alarm and remove the smoke like this?

Waving a towel at the smoke alarm?


Or do you open the door to the cold cold morning but stand inside the door and swing the towel like a maniac trying to blow the smoke out.


Or do you become the manliest man and stand outside in the cold cold morning and swing the towel like a maniac to blow outside air in and get the smoke out.


That is how my Thanksgiving morning started. Have a safer holidays!

PS: Seriously though, which method is the best for getting smoke out?


Drinking coffee and reading that site is NOT a good combo. @Imaynotbehere4long, please come to my place and clean my monitor…

@GDBringer Fans are good, especially, window fans. Some kind of air spray with a scent that’s not too heavy. I was going to suggest candles or potpourri but then you might, once again, create smoke.


So true!

It only tells me there is smoke! Which I don’t care about. It doesn’t tell me when there is a fire! Which is what I really need. Completely useless.

Not to mention it is connected to the local fire department. So I get a call if it beeps long enough.

ring ring
Me: Hello?
Fireman: Are you on fire?
Me: Not right now.
Fireman: Is your place on fire?
Me: No it isn’t.
Fireman: Have a nice day.
Me: Happy Thanksgiving!
Fireman: …

@delenn13 Thanks for the advice. I still have the rest of the day to worry about so I’ll turn on the fans now. I don’t know if there is a smell…I think my nose adjusted to it and I can’t smell it. I have a pumpkin candle, so I’ll use that!


The one day in all time where absolutely no one will judge you for consuming mass amounts of food grossly disproportionate to what you actually need.

And it’s glorious.


For better or worse we don’t have a fire alarm at my home.

Even though there’s no Thanksgiving here in my country I hope you guys can enjoy some good time together with your friends and family.

Just be careful with the diet and don’t drink too much if you’re going to drive. :wink:


True story: Years ago we were visiting elderly relatives in a their mobile home in Florida, and during breakfast their smoke alarm went off. They just sat there eating. We asked “aren’t you worried about the smoke alarm?”. They said “no, it always goes off when we use the toaster, it’ll stop in a minute”. :roll_eyes:


That’s so very true. What we do is cook everything in the morning, start eating at lunch. Then continue eating lunch for several hours until it is dinner. Then everyone goes home with leftovers. Then we eat leftovers for a few days. What a day!

@carvalho20ptc I also didn’t have a fire alarm growing up. I could smell something burning long before we saw smoke. Though if I had the choice I would have liked the carbon monoxide detector since we had a gas stove.
And good advice all around. Thanks! I just drink too much soda though. :laughing:

@markwr Some of those things are very sensitive with a little vapor. But my smoke alarm is…80 decibels? Very loud and annoying so I can’t ignore it. Maybe if I was old and patient enough like your relatives I would put up with it ahah!


That sounds like someone’s in the pocket of Big Fire! :laughing:


The smoke detector in their mobile home was also very loud. We assumed all their neighbors were also hearing it go off every morning. :shushing_face:


If where you live doesn’t have the stove hood exhaust in your face, that.

Otherwise the key is airflow.


He was probably not a happy camper having to work on Thanksgiving. :unamused:


Hope those who celebrate it had fun ^^ and food


Yup, airflow is key to many different things in life…