Hammerwatch stock?

I was one day off having enough coins :frowning: any chance more stock gets added over time? Or is there planned to be more than 4 games? :slight_smile:

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We’ll be adding more games and it’s always possible that we bring Hammerwatch back! :slight_smile:

I am all for more Hammerwatch stock! I was off by about a day as well.

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@Mattizzle and @Vomitus609, hit me up on Chrono’s Discord and we’ll see what we can do about the lack of Hammerwatch. Keep 'em coins for other deals. :slight_smile: (I’m nicked “ewl” on Discord)

Btw, @lonin, sorry for not including you. If you want a copy as well, just holla at be, bro. :heart: :slight_smile: