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Halo is officially on steam!



Don’t know if I’ll get it at release but the moment it’s on sale, I’m dive bombing right into this masterpiece. I’m so happy to see this title finally release on PC for the first time! (officialy) I still play eldewrito, SPV3 and halo 2, but I’m appeased.

Now I don’t know when It’s actually gonna release, but I assume soon. (minor pun intended)


I’ve watched a few videos about this including a talk with the developer. I can link them if you want.


sure, just found it out this afternoon!


I was excited for Reach and ODST but you need a live account.

A big NOPE from me.


do you mean xbox live or windows live?


Third party account log in stuff, like with GTA-V.




Developer talk:

Another perspective:

It’s cool they are bringing firefight in but I still don’t understand why it was ever missing.
It’s still a pass for me but it’s just nice to see it coming to PC haha :wink:


Dang, hidden xperia and halo follower already on this news like hot cakes


CultofMush too but his voice can be grating to some people lmao


Dang just saw this myself




I’m shocked it’s not on the Microsoft Store (or at least if it is I can’t find it).

Edit: Turns out it’s still coming to the Microsoft Store but just the fact that it’s coming to Steam at the same time still has me shocked.


it will be on the windows store soon.


Halo on PC is awesome, but give me Halo 2 and then we’ve got a deal.


It looks like 343 is pushing the games out in order (kinda) so their not pushing all the games out on one set release date, their going to start with halo reach, which should run at 60 fps, and go on from there releasing each one of the classic halo games after they fine tune one after another. So you could in fact choose which halo game you would like to buy separately and what content you would like to download from that game, like multiplayer only, campaign or both. After halo reach is released on steam, next up is halo CE, halo 2, etc… I really hope its cross platform for both microsoft store and steam.


Sounds good to me. Halo 2 is probably my favorite of the whole series, what with the dual wielding, the superjumps, and the classic scarab gun easter egg. Not to mention the soccer ball. the multiplayer was great too.


i want to 2072 when nintendo release his games in pc


ugh I tried this a few years ago and I dare to say it didn’t age well, I mean it’s playable, but I wouldn’t wanna play it

looking forward to newer Halo titles tho, would probably give halo 4 another shot


y kind of a bummer, was hoping for 1 collection purchase, but i guess they want to milk us, MOOOO