Halloween styled Giveaway? PS: It'll be a LIVE event.

  • November 2nd
  • November 3rd
  • Eh, let’s leave it for December

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Hi hi, my pettable people. Ahem. And sloths. I’ve only thought of this late, so what do you guys think of a giveaway of some non-spooky games? Might even be a few spooky ones if interest catches on.

Since some of you celebrate the day, I guess tomorrow might be a hectic time and I’m looking to do a live event again. So when’s good for you?

This is just a gauging interest/reaction thread. Cheers. :heart:


yoo dana this is hella nice of you. :yellow_heart:

I have a few spare keys! especially looking forward to gifting Beckett to the community so get in touch if you’d like (:


I’ll dig up some keys too. I have been wanting to have one. It just takes a bit of time to get it all setup and such…and I can’t seem to get the time right now.


@coralinecastell and @delenn13

Aw, you guys are so nice helpful. ^^

Right now, November 3rd is winning, but there’s a lot for a December giveaway too. SO! By the end of tomorrow, I’ll see where the votes fall and let you guys know. :heart:


Personally I’m not a fan of the live events. Too much of an advantage for people like me who work from home, are done with school (therefore no homework), rarely make plans, and have no children.

But participants aren’t running the show. Its generous enough that you’re doing a giveaway of any kind, so run it how you want to run it.


I know what you mean. It does bother me a bit that some people are left out. However, there are a lot of static giveaways here too, where you enter and wait, so I console myself there’s opportunities for everyone.

For me, doing a static event is like waiting at a bus stop - 2 mins in and I start walking to the next stop down - just to be moving and doing something. A Live is a lot of work and pretty taxing on me, but easier on my nerves, that’s why I prefer this way. Cheers and thanks for your input. :heart:


Well! It’s 10:15 pm and Nov 2nd and 3rd are now neck and neck!

I may just have to do a 2-day event. :thinking:


Poll closed ! The 3rd edged out the 2nd by a few votes.

I’ll try to wrangle a start tomorrow, if not, Nov. 3rd it is! Thanks for voting.