Half Life Thoughts

So I’ve finally played Half Life for the first time thanks to Valve giving the franchise away for those curious. Currently I’m playing through the first one although I’ve downloaded Half Life 2 (not the episodes, those come later). I decided to play the Source version because it claims to improve the game and it has decent reviews there so why not get it?
I later found out that it was the buggiest version of Half Life out there.
But whatever, it is done and done. I’ll see it to the end even if everyone tells me to switch to the original anyway. Usually I’m not very hooked into old GPS games. That’s why I gave up on Unreal’s single player campaign. I also got myself the HD pack, though it might have already been installed inside Source. Or I’ve no idea where the source version is held in idk. But overall I had a pretty great time with it, I appreciate the visual storytelling the game goes for. The controls are a bit slippery and the ladders downright suck, but I can definetely see why it had a following all these years.
I have downloaded Half Life 2 Update as well, which I’ve tried a bit. It isn’t a huge improvement compared to many mods out there but it isn’t meant to be I think (it’s called only an Update for a reason). I also hear I should download some updated models but I usually download mods that has the official support or blessings from the developer, never more. Unless it is a broken mess in my computer which in that case I’ll take the damn fix from them, like Darksiders and Jade Empire.
Nothing more else to add other than the fact I probably would be bombarded with people telling me to play the game again as the original game, not source. Though not sure if people would be angry if I were to play Half Life 1 Update over the original game on Steam.