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Half Life franchise free to play until the release of Half Life: Alyx


Valve is treating us well.


Is this a “grab now, keep if forever” type of deal, or after 2 months it’s gone from your library?


I do believe that it will revert back to it’s normal price. I think it’s a free to play period like they do with the weekends, just much longer for this…


@YQMaoski is correct, it is a 2 month period where you can download and play each game, but you will not be able to keep it (sort of like an extended free to play weekend)


Thanks for sharing, guess i’ll be no lifeing for a few weeks and play all the half-lifes.


Kinda sucks that we are given a limited time to play them before time runs out. On the flip side we have a chance to play out one of the greatest series in gaming without paying a dime, so I guess it evens out somewhat.