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Half-Life: Alyx


Does this count as HL3? :thinking:




Alright, I feel like people might take my reply the wrong way, so if anyone’s interested, here are a handful of thoughts more.

This looks incredibly cool. Being VR-exclusive means at least two things: myself and a bunch of others won’t get to play it any time soon and that this could potentially boost sales for Valve’s VR set.

It’s important to have sale-boosting games like this so that the headset becomes more widely sold and more widely available. Of course, the majority of the responsability of making it available is still lies on Valve’s distribuition end.

To those unaware, Valve’s hardware, as a whole, is not widely distributed outside of the US. Not officially, anyways.

We can only hope worldwide interest for Alyx will be a two-way street that eventually leads to wider hardware distribution. However, the cost is still out of range for many consumers and I don’t yet know what the market projections are in that sense.

Mostly, we’ll have to wait and see.

EDIT: their website looks neat. Check it out.

Do any of you own VR? Will you purchase Alyx? What are you most excited for – graphics, technology, combat, story?


I wish they made it like Trover Saves the Universe, not VR exclusive but still playable by VR. But still, it looks pretty neat.


No everyone knows 3 was a Chrono exclusive

And also available in the coinshop.




Small fun fact about distribution: from what I understand, the game will be a $60 release, but will also be included for free with every Valve Index.

Half-Life’s always been a bit of a tech demo game for Valve, hasn’t it? History repeats itself, I suppose.

I also appreciate how instead of HL3, they settled for Half-Life 2 0.


As a side note, I caved in and added Black Mesa to my WL because I’ve never played a Half-Life game.


Well since this is VR i’m automatically out because i do not own VRset and not planning to in any foreseeable future but i guess yay? It’s half-life and looks pretty decent from trailer , not just a tech gimmick.

But well. I would like to see actual half-life game for ol’ boring normal screens… :smiley: