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half-life alyx is fire



except for this one stupid part where I needed to find A STUPID POWER BOX, AND AFTER 40 MINUTES OF NOT FINDING IT I QUIT. I WAS ALSO STREAMING TO ZERO VIEWERS SO I WAS SO EMBARRASSED. AND I WENT ON YOUTUBE AND ALL I NEEDED TO TO WAS MOVE A GODDAMN BOX, but the game was smooth and made very well. Iv’e only had vr for like a week and this game did not make me sick. I need a women in my life and enjoys dogs.


How’s quarantine holding up there buddy?


Wouldnt know as i dont have VR … LIKE 90% OF GAMERS IN THE WORLD , THANKS OBAMA. ( and valve ) .

On a more serious note it’s a shame its VR only cause it looks like a decent game in general besides just being VR showcase.


that’s what playthroughs are for; it’s a great game, and i’ve enjoyed watching it, should be done in a day or 2 depending on how much time i have


how does not having VR relate to Obama and valve?


I think it might be the first real VR seller. I’ve had VR for quite a while now and the library has been… mediocre to say the least. Seeing a relatively big game like this is good for the future.



u dont know? thx Obama (and valve, and


im losing my mind to be honest


Oh jolly good. Not just me then. That’s nice.


In my view, VR only is a great decision, you will not get the same immersion without it.

Regardless, someone will reverse engineer it and make it available for standard controls.


I think it also allows developers to get some fundamentals of VR correct first while it’s still on its infancy. I personally don’t really care for the immersion part, most of the time I always feel like it’s artificial anyway. Might as well find ways to entertain its audience anyhow


someone named Valve

There’s absolutely no good reason for them to not make it available for desktops in a couple of months or so for (lots and lots of) extra sales


They have no interests as of now, one of the team member publicly said so, even though they don’t want it to happen, someone will do it.


4 days ago