Half Life 3 Confirmed or How I learned to watch Chrono.GG BOMB!!

I just wanted to say, this site is a scam!

I had been saving my coins up for the last 15 or 16 years and have more than enough to buy the site over, twice but I’m a nice guy, I wouldn’t do that.
So I go to the store to see if there are any new games on it yet, don’t know why you keep changing the prices, as well as showing ads but that’ll keep for now. So what do I see in the store?


So I’m like, yeah whatever man. No one cares anyway, that game is already 10 years too late, so I’m not going to bother. Then I realised, this is the future, right now and Half Life 3 is not only confirmed today but available to buy from these excellent people at Chrono.GG.

So I click on the link and to my horror, I am ONE coin short in my coin wallet to be able to buy it!
So again I’m like, wtf doods? I check and check but no, my coins are still just one short. I think this is a deliberate ploy and I will not partake in such foolishness ever again on this site. You knew I wanted this game, didn’t you and you knew how much to price it at, didn’t you!?


I WILL be informing Gabe about this, I have his number and I have yours! My Mum will also be informed. I am meeting her for breakfast on Monday, well I say breakfast but it is more lunch but not quite that either. Brunch I guess it is called, you know, where it’s not quite time for lunch but too late for breakfast, you know? Yes you know, I’m sure you know only too friggin’ well, being Gamers and stuff and junk and stuff… Yes… Well… Needless to say, my Mum will be hearing about this!

Oh and STOP RUNNING ADS, I saw them, sneaking up on me, you charlatans, one tried to get me to go home with it but it ran off, presumably to do some more ads.

Some Anon. Guy


Are you Alex the copywriter for Chrono.gg? Because that was flat out brilliant and sounded like a Chrono.gg description for a game.


Woah, I am humbled by your remark. Thank you very much, I was just dicking around but with it being April Fools Day, *I could get away with it, without the angry backlash for a change.

No, I’m not Alex, I am not associated with anyone on this site at all. The comment did have references to another post, though. A post created by some guy last week, who said that this site was a scam and how Chrono kept altering the prices, running ads etc. Everything he said was mental, he still argued even though everyone kept pointing out that he was wrong.

When I hadn’t heard anything back from anyone on this, I thought uh oh, it surely didn’t go down too well. I am relieved to see now, that it has likes, so all’s good in the world again and tonight there will be much **rejoicing. Thanks for your kind words, you’ve made my day with that, honestly mate, not sarcasm.

Thank you.

p.s. I told my Mum btw, she has contacted Russian Hackers to deal with these charlatans but shhh for now, eh? Mum’s the word, as the say… Literally in this instance. I’d better quit while ahead and not push the good will, I’ve received from you. Lol.

A’ the best. :vulcan:

*Excluding You Tube.
**Rejoicing not guaranteed.


I remember that thread, I was involved as well, his thoughts were… interesting to say the least. I think it was all good after @lonin cleared it up for him. It was actually good that lonin closed the thread after his comment, or it could have gone downhill quick, I admit that when I saw his reply to me i had some pretty “choice” words in mind for a reply.


Happy to hear I cheered you up! You deserved the praise. I don’t care if you’re not Alex, that’s still some hilarious writing worthy of praise. Keep it up! And nice meme GIF of Bill Murray!

And like PeteMcc said, I’m glad that thread got locked. I think it’s one of the very very rare cases where it had to be locked before things could escalate.


That’s very kind of you. Thank you.

If it is going to be this appreciated, I may do it again in future. :blush: <That’s so camp, I love it.


I like this community too. Very welcoming.


I just had a chance to read this, @Punkster, I am so amused and amazed, and I love the title! Had to give it a bump and refresher! :slight_smile: Thank you for another round of amusement on this long day at work!



Finally! Valve has heeded our endless prayers of the thir-
Wait… it’s just Square trollin’ us. :rofl: HA HA :rofl: very funny, but for real though. :rage:


I guess everybody knows about the post by one of the lead writers telling what could have been.

What do you girls/guys think about that? Do you consider It part of the story at all?


Any good games? There was a Jam with the theme HL3 in itch.io using the revealed story.

Personally I really liked the story even after such a long time. I can’t imagine other people that waited way more than me, I was satisfied.
Some people got reallt angry and felt betrayed but… They don’t really owe us anything so mwe.

I played Tiger Team bc It was from the guy that made Thirty flights of loving and I really loved the editing effect that game has.
But yeah, that’s it.

Kudos to @Punkster tho, really amusing read.
:sparkles::writing_hand: :sparkles:

(I’ll make a proper topic when I get to a computer)


Oh wow, that is a bit embarrassing. Lol. So much cringe. The hair on the back of my neck stood up rereading that. I thank you all the same.

I can’t believe that has been nearly a year on this site.

Thanks to you all for your kind words and replies to my old, silly nonsense. You are too kind. (That is not a licence to start not being kind, mind you)


tbh I never cared for HL3 and dislike HL2 lol

Oh this is an old post


“Half Life 2 is the single most glorious game, and the crowning achievement of game development history, ever made” quote -some fan somewhere

you dare have an opinion that differs from the common or popular? :thinking:




Then what if, get this.

I have never played a Half Life game and therefore don’t take part in any positive or negative opinion. :smirk:


even bigger heresy!
all must play Half Life 1+2, admire and love it as a work of art and the best game above all other, (as by the decree to our very existence, and praise be to Gordon Freeman, so sayeth our Lord GabeN.), and give it a perfect 12/3 score in our body heart mind and souls, to worship forever and hold it highest on its pedestal, and the ever envy of all other puny “games”
(henceforth only Half Life’s is allowed to be called a game, all others are merely “beep toys”)

praise Freeman, bless us GabeN, may we never stray from thine glory


Me either.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:


I’m so confused by the entirety of this thread.

Edited because I don’t know how to work GIFs :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought this was a recent thread, got all hyped for no reason