Hacknet is free on steam! (Closed :c)

Hey guys o/ A new giveaway on steam :3 , here is the link :tada:


Is not the first time the game is free, the other time it was free in the Humble Bundle which @Punkster had warned


Ayyy this seems like a pretty nifty game!



Are you also Brazilian??? :brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil:

(and omg I’m screaming your profile picture is Steven Universe and I never noticed I am floored)


It’s good game you all should get, you know because it’s free and all :money_mouth_face:
I already got it last time it was free. Played the first couple of missions, got off. Went back on it a couple days after, and it reset my progress.
Never played it again :upside_down_face:


@coralinecastell your reaction was the best possible, you have no idea how much I laughed :joy::joy::joy: , but yes I’m from Brazil :green_heart::yellow_heart:

Well Steven and Connie are very small in GIF so it’s really hard to recognize u.u, I think the most striking feature is the hand of the Rose statue (which is still hard to recognize at first glance), but after all I just loved this gif the first time I saw it :heart:


Hahaha! I’m glad I made you laugh. @Enki’s reaction would probably be:

Which made me laugh when he sent it to me as well. Hooray! :yellow_heart::green_heart:

My God I love SU, and I can’t wait to see the latest episodes after that epic reveal (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it, and if you haven’t I won’t spoil it for you)! You’ve got excellent taste. :blush:

(oh yeah, and on a less important on-topic note: thanks for Hacknet! I PM’d all my friends who had it wishlisted, and they were thrilled. Wouldn’t have known hadn’t you posted here.)


She just cruises in and ignores the Steam Friends thread… @YQMaoski and I tried to point her toward her other Brazilians. She just ignores us and @Silk…who is from Brazil too…


Jeez! Wait! What time is it? Where Am I? :drooling_face: :sleeping:

What are you guys talking about?

Steven Universe? Is that a new galaxy or something like that discovered by some weird scientist while he drinks your whiskey watching NatGeo?


I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did, because without a doubt this is one of the best images I have ever seen. :joy::joy::joy:

I have to admit that I’m pretty late with SU, I ended up stopping at about the middle of the fourth season ~~, but the way you talked about what’s happening at the moment made me curious :grimacing: and I think I’ll have to find some time free to go back and watch :rofl:

No need to thank, but I hope your friends enjoy the game a lot :3



Well I can imagine this cute little face, discovering a new universe and watching the NatgGeo, but I found it difficult to imagine him with a glass of whiskey in his hand :joy:


I did the same! Then my friends (the Brazilians, obviously) cornered me like the Spanish inquisition and went like “VOCÊ TEM QUE ASSISTIR ESSA PORRA A-GORA!” (‘You have to what this shit now!’)

And so I caught up out of fear for my life. If you ever wanna scream about SU my Chrono PM thing and Steam PM thing are open for yooouuuu! Steven eyebrow raise :blush:

It’s a TV show created by Rebecca Sugar, a (simply wonderful) woman who has written for Adventure Time and who has won many awards and praise for her original songs and story lines in both shows.

It’s about a boy, Steven, whose mother was an alien, a so called ‘Crystal Gem’. She died giving birth to him, and he now lives on Earth with his dad, Greg Universe, and the other Gems: Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet.

The show touches upon subjects like sexuality, gender, family relationships, coming of age, fears and acceptance in very touching and sensible ways, and has been widely regarded as one of the most well-written TV shows currently airing. It airs on Cartoon Network.

For more info you can check out its IMDB page.

Here’s a spoiler-free song for you to get the gist of it, if still curious:


I know what you went through, my best friend almost committed a crime, when I said that I was not following “My Hero Academy”, :joy::joy::joy::joy: the situation was almost as dramatic as Sugar’s face in this image:


hahahaha can leave :3, now that I know that you are a big fan of SU (none of my friends is very close in this animation :pensive: ~~), as soon as I come back to accompany the first thing I will do is go be commenting on it with you :relieved: (PS: if you want to talk about some other animation, know that my PM is always open :yum:, I’m a bit slow to respond, but I guarantee that I always take a look at my messages :joy:)

PSS: @Silk the SU songs are simply amazing :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::cupid:, I recommend you listen to them (but avoid watching the videos, not to receive spoilers ~~) :sweat_smile:


@coralinecastell Simply amazing! I’m so excited to watch other episodes of it. Actually I’ve been watching Clarence as well, now I’ll include this one (Steven Universe) on my schedule.

@Agetime I will! Thank you :blush: