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[H]any 3 Games of your choice from Coin Shop [W] OCTOPATH TRAVELER



Hi Everyone!! Hope you all are doing well

[H]pick any 3 Games of your choice from Coin Shop


i know it seems bad deal but all what i have.



I wouldn’t get your hopes up on getting what you want from this trade. Octopath Traveler being a brand new game and all, and quite expensive. People usually trade bundled games for bundled games because there are keys left over.


Hi. Thanks for the post!

As YQ mentioned above, you’re not very likely to get what you seek. Another reason is because many of us already have a pile of coins and the means to purchase the coinshop games ourselves.

I’d recommend trying and looking for Octopath, you might find someone who’s willing to trade for it. :butterfly:


If anyone does this trade I will eat my cat and i dont even have a hat


While I agree with you, I’m curious about this hat/cat, cat/hat relationship that is mentioned.

Is it inverse symbiosis or closer to anti-mutualism?
Do you have to get the hat first or can it be in any order?
How do they interact with other cats and or hats?
What effect does eating one have on the absence of the other?


isn’t that illegal?


Schrödinger’s Cat in a Hat?

Too adorable to not post



It has a very deep explanation that only the highest of minds can understand but i will try…

I just typed the wrong thing

I hope everyone is able to understand this even I have trouble comprehending it some times.


not if they dont find out


Thanks for everyone reply…YQMaoski…coralinecastell…i really don’t what to say… but thank you
what you thinking after game crack the price will drop ? how much ?
how long will take ?


I don’t know what you mean by the “after game crack the price will drop.” Please explain.

As for this being a Square Enix title, my guess is that you will see it at around 25-30% off during the Winter Sale and likely at 50% off during the Summer Sale. Maybe they will push things and push the 50% off to the Spring Clean event, etc, in March. But I doubt it. It will likely bounce in and out of 50% sales after it’s been there for at least 2 years. You will likely end up being able to buy it from another retailer for cheaper with various discounts during this time frame.

This could very much be incorrect, though, so just my own speculations. What’s throwing everything off is the fact that the game released on Nintendo Switch about a year before PC/Steam. So if you have a Switch, I think you may want to look around see if anyone’s selling a physical copy second-hand. That’s likely your cheapest option in the near future.


I think they mean that once the game is available through torrent sites [and it already is, i just checked, though i wouldnt know whether that’s a legit copy or a hacker trying to gain control to everyone’s pc], the price will drop, lol

@hgvphg I don’t think that has ever influenced the actual store price of a game, ever


Thanks. :smiley: :+1: